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Thread: Autoglym Twin Chamber Smart Wash System

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    Autoglym Twin Chamber Smart Wash System

    It’s well known that using a two-bucket approach when cleaning your car helps to improve the quality of the wash and avoid fine scratches on your paintwork. For the uninitiated, the two-bucket system consists of, well…two buckets. One is filled with clean fresh water, and the other with soapy water.

    The fresh water bucket is used to rinse out the dirt and grit in the sponge or wash mitt, collected whilst washing the car. After rinsing, the cleaning accessory goes into the wash bucket, to collect more detergent before washing continues.

    It is good practice to use the wash and rinse system, but it is an extra thing you need to organise and move around.
    However, with Autoglym’s innovative Twin Chamber Smart Wash System, you can have everything in one handy package.

    Autoglym Twin Chamber Smart Wash System has:

    • Two chambers in one bucket, one for rinse and one for wash
    • Separates contaminants from the clean shampoo
    • Super tough, extra thick walls
    • Strong carry handles on either side
    • Lid to keep the inside clean when not in use, or to store Autoglym products

    So now you can use the wash and rinse system every time you clean the car with virtually no extra effort.

    The Autoglym Twin Chamber Smart Wash system now come as part of two special gift packs available from Autobarn and Super Cheap Auto. Check with your favourite retailer for price and availability.

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