Unless you’re a passionate rally fan, you probably (like myself) lost your passing interest for the sport somewhere around the time Seb Loeb finally bowed out of the sport.

Since then, things haven’t exactly gotten any more radical, with the WRXs, Citroens and Mitsubishi Evos that once defined the sport making way for smaller, lighter hatchbacks that left all but the most avid rally fans feeling a little less intrigued by the sport. Now though, things are set for a shake up.

While the base platform of the modern-era rally car is remaining largely untouched (cars like the Ford Fiesta, and Hyundai i20 will still be leading the charge), a host of new technical regulations has been introduced to usher in a new era of faster, meaner, more exciting rally cars in just about every way.

Sure, we may not exactly be heading back to the days of Group B rallying, but we doubt that you’ve ever seen a Toyota Yaris look like this.

Watch below as the drivers of the WRC explain some of the changes that are set to come in 2017.

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