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Thread: Integra chocking and stalling when accelerating

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    Integra chocking and stalling when accelerating

    Hi all,

    Ive had this issue for months now and have been trying so many things to fix the problem and i just cant find it.
    The car is a bit sporadic with the issue, some days the car will stall and die completely under acceleration and other days i get a few small jerks in low revs, like when pulling out of a roundabout in 3rd.

    I originally thought it was a clutch bearing because i managed to get the car moving if i slipped the clutch, so its got a brand new exedy clutch, billet flywheel and new bearings. Problem still existed after that.

    I then went on to think it might be fuel, got a new filter, walbro fuel pump and cleaned the injectors. Ive checked the injectors resistance and that they still squirt. Also checked there is pressure running through the regulator on the way back to the tank. The regulator doesnt seemed to have failed, there is no fuel in the vacuum pipe.

    I also thought maybe there is a problem with ignition, i got new iridium plugs and checked the leads resistance. I havent checked the dizzy for resistance because i cant get the damn screw off the rotor. But, i think if ignition was a problem i should be getting a check engine light and there is no light what so ever. Ive even checked ECU for codes, not one.

    Also thought that maybe i have a vacuum leak, or exhaust leak. i cant find a vacuum leak (all im doing is checking pipes for cracks or hisses), and the exhaust is fine near the head, no fumes and all flanges are bolted up properly with the right gaskets. If there was a vacuum leak there should be bad idle but theres not, i have had the idle jump low as if it missed a beat, even been that bad that it has stalled in idle from it. But its not what i would expect from a vacuum leak.

    Lastly i have tried to check the batteries ground, the resistance is pretty much 1 between the negative terminal and the body where the wire is attached. Other parts of the body though do show up to over a hundred ohms, but im not sure if thats normal. If it was a ground problem i also would have thought i would notice it on other electrics.

    Really dont know where else to go with this, i just cant find the problem and i dont know what else to look for.
    Maybe the alternator, could that cause the engine to stall?

    Please offer any advice whats so ever if you can, i would really appreciate it. I cant drive the car at the moment because it is back to stalling when accelerating. Although i did drive it today and it didnt stall expect for when in idle and pull the accelerator cable suddenly, kills the engine straight away.
    The car is a 2000 integra type r, with the original b18c7 and no mods, stock stuff everywhere except for the clutch.

    Also, if it helps, the problem seems to exist under certain engine load. When idling and i pull the accelerator cable slowly i can rev the engine to red line, if i pull the cable fast it chokes and dies.
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    Sounds like ignition and/or airflow sensor. Do these come with MAF/AFM or MAP?

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