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Recreational vehicles such as caravans and motorhomes are the perfect way to explore that vast open land that is Australia, giving you a home away from home wherever you go. Throughout your travels your caravan or motorhome is bound to accumulate the kind of dust, dirt and grime that you would expect from Australia’s harsh landscape.

Given the size of most caravans and motorhomes, it might seem like a daunting task to give the whole exterior a good clean, especially after those long adventures, but with the right tools and products, it’s easier than you may think.

Autoglym offers Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner which is a concentrated, multi-purpose cleaner that’s designed to be effective across all areas of your recreational vehicle’s exterior. Cleaning your recreational vehicle is about as simple as washing a regular car except with a few extra nooks and crannies.

After giving the body work a good rinse with clean water, apply Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner to the area of the caravan or motorhome that you intend to clean and agitate the cleaner with a wet sponge. Then simply rinse off the cleaner and move onto the next area. Once you’ve covered the entire vehicle, be sure to dry the bodywork to prevent any water-spotting. Autoglym offers some great products for this purpose in the Hi-Tech Flexi Water Blade and Hi-Tech Microfibre Drying Towel.

For protecting and polishing any paintwork or plated metals, Autoglym Super Resin Polish is great to use, but can also be too harsh for polishing dimpled areas of paintwork. For these areas, softer products such as Aqua Wax or Instant Show Shine are perfect.

Most caravans and motorhomes are fitted with plastic windows and Autoglym Fast Glass is perfect for cleaning them as it’s not a harsh cleaner. Simply spray and buff away for a smear-free, glistening finish.

Throughout your travels, your wheels are sure to cop a lot of dust and dirt. Autoglym offers Clean Wheels and Custom Wheel Cleaner to suit the most common wheel types found on caravans and motorhomes. Clean Wheels is best suited for use on alloy wheels. If you have a set of steel wheels, reach for a bottle of Custom Wheel Cleaner. To clean your wheels, simply apply you wheel cleaner of choice liberally to the wheel and agitate using wheel brush to loosen up any caked-up dirt and grime. Then it’s just a matter of rinsing the cleaner away and moving onto the next wheel. If you find any tar spots, it’s best to attack these with Intensive Tar Remover. As a finishing touch, apply Instant Tyre Dressing for deep black tyre sidewalls.

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