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Thread: Autoglym AUS - Removing window swirl marks with Car Glass Polish

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    Autoglym AUS - Removing window swirl marks with Car Glass Polish

    Swirl marks in your glass can be an easy thing to overlook, but if youíve got an eye for detail itíll definitely be something youíll want to take care of.

    Much the same as swirl marks in your paint, glass swirl marks are essentially ultra-fine scratches in the surface of your glass. Usually hardly noticeable, these marks become a lot more apparent as the light hits it, potentially spoiling the look of an otherwise immaculately presented vehicle.

    Car Glass Polish is Autoglymís most powerful glass cleaner and is the perfect product for doing away with these unsightly marks. It can also be used on both exterior and interior glass.

    First, shake the bottle well and apply the polish to either a microfibre cloth or foam applicator Ė whichever you prefer.

    Work the polish into the affected glass surface in circular motions, increasing pressure where marks are more stubborn until the glass has been covered with a thin film of the product.

    After the polish has been applied to the glass, allow to dry for five minutes and buff to glistening finish using a clean microfibre cloth.

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