NSW - 1990 SW20 MR2 Turbo

Price: $12,000
170xxxx km - engine rebuilt approx 35,000km ago
Contact Details: [email protected]
Location: Sydney

The time has come to sell what I believed I 'would never part with'.
This car was my life for a good 5 years but sadly the last 2 years it hasn't got the attention it deserves. So it's time she gets a new home.

It's a 1990 model and has, from memory 17x,xxx on the odometer.

- engine/exhaust etc:

Engine was rebuilt about 35,000 km ago, this was done when I converted it to turbo from NA. Was rebuilt with forged internals.
Has bc 264 cams, fidanza cam gears and a shimless bucket conversion. Cosmetic head gasket, this was replaced probably 5000 km ago when I had the engine out for something else. ARP bolts everywhere.
Blitz K1-380v turbo, another item that was rebuilt recently! Rare turbo, one of the few bolt on options for the Mr2.
Genuine ARC air intake. It's shiny and silver and protects from defects. Not much else to say about that one.
Genuine Trust sidemount intercooler with vent block off, shroud and Davis Craig fan.
RacerX fuel rail, 1000cc Delphi injectors and an aeromotive regulator. I've made all the fittings and hoses black so they blend in.
Berk exhaust, Berk downpipe. 3" from the turbo to the ozone layer.
Relocated fuse box to the boot.
Blitz boost controller
Adaptronic ecu, tuned by MRC at castle hill. Made 210kw at the wheels (needs a re-tune as I fixed some intake problems. Should go 215-220).
Have all the required parts for flex fuel, the ecu it. Install it, get a tune and burn some corn! At a rough guess I'd say this car would do 230kw at the wheels tuned on e85.
Heaps more that I've forgotten about.

Cusco zero2r coilovers
Megan adjustable tie rods
Cusco front strut brace - I respected the end plates, you guessed it. Black.
Gen3 front brakes... black
Trd braided hoses
DeltaV swaybar braces
Crimson red. Fades in the sun but comes up mint with some TLC. I'll detail it fully before it's sold.
Gen3 rear lights
US Racing front lip (similar to the gen3 but bigger).
Kei Office side skirts, probably the rarest part I own! In crimson red, not currently fitted.
Work Meister wheels. 17" fit 235 and possibly 245 wheels on the back. Single best mod i did to the car.
The bad.
Side skirt is pushed in, kei office skirts will cover it though (all the photos below are from the side with the damage).
Stereo has an issue where it intermittently loses power, I can try to get it resolved before sale but no promises.
AC doesn't work, we accidentally released all the gas when we dropped the engine last time. So I removed the belt and went without.
Cruise Control got bypassed so the throttle felt better.
Would suggest a touch up tune before thrashing as boost settings have changed and the intake has been improved.

She's been a good car for the last 10 years, I'll miss her for sure. Made many good friends and have many memories. Hopefully the next owner can appreciate her and get more use from her.
After $12,000.
More details or photos on request.

With Kei Office Skirts resting in place - before the meisters

Potatophone of part of the engine

With Wheels but skirts not fitted.