Wednesday night Race 4 Real off-street meets continue to be one of the most popular events on the Sydney Dragway calendar and it’s quite easy to see why!

Here are some great performances from last week’s Race 4 Real at Sydney Dragway.

Top Holden of the Week

If Mad Max were a Holden man, this is what he’d drive. This beast cracked the 12s, running a best time of 12.02 @ 110.76 MPH. Is there anything more menacing than a matte black HQ Holden with enormous amounts of muscle under the bonnet?

Top Japanese of the Week

The A70 Toyota Supra may not be as popular as its younger brother, but the more angular iteration of the iconic Supra name certainly has its own cult following. This clean example managed a best run of 13.30 @ 115.77 MPH.

Top Rotary of the Week

Red makes you go fast, right? This may very well be the case with this FD RX7, managing an impressive best time of 13.52 @ 105.39 MPH.

Top European of the Week

There’s no denying that Porsche is in the business of building fast cars. They’re so serious about this in fact, that even their SUVs are a force to be reckoned with. Take this Cayenne Turbo for example; running a best time of 14.23 @ 99.55 MPH.

Top Ford of the Week

Cracking the 11s with a best run of 11.36 @ 118.79 MPH, this Ford Cortina is an absolute weapon. Those wide rear tyres and air cleaner poking out of the bonnet show that this Cortina means business.

Commentator's Pick of the Week

American muscle at its absolute finest. Not every day do you see a ‘68 Chevy Camaro here in Australia and especially one as clean as this. This beauty roared down the quarter mile to a best time of 13.07 @ 105.78 MPH.

Race 4 Real is on every Wednesday night at Sydney Dragway, weather permitting. Keep it safe, legal and off the streets! Gates open at 4:30PM and racing starts at 6:00PM. Check our website for T&C’s and entry information.


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