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Thread: Weekly Race 4 Real Report: April 19, 2017

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    Weekly Race 4 Real Report: April 19, 2017

    Wednesday night Race 4 Real off-street meets continue to be one of the most popular events on the Sydney Dragway calendar and itís quite easy to see why!

    Here are some great performances from last weekís Race 4 Real at Sydney Dragway.

    Top Holden of the Week

    Breaking into the 12s with a 12.83 @ 110.53 MPH, this bright yellow VX Holden Commodore definitely impressed.

    Top Japanese of the Week

    This red Datsun 1200 coupe looked anything but standard with a front mounted intercooler, wider rear tyres, roll cage and the left headlight removed for induction purposes. A more than considerable power hike from factory coupled with such a lightweight body saw this little rocket pull out some fast times.

    Top European of the Week

    Of all the things that Mercedes-Benz is good at, combining sophistication, luxury and with brutish performance is way up there. Looking classy and sounding as angry as ever, this E55 AMG ran a staggering best time of 12.16 @ 116.97 MPH.

    Top Rotary of the Week

    The FD3S Mazda RX-7 is an amazing piece of machinery, even in its standard form. This, for the most part, unmodified example managed a best run of 14.81 @ 94.33 MPH, proving just how impressive this Japanese icon is straight out of the box.

    Top Ford of the Week

    This immaculate, standard-looking XA Ford Falcon looked like something your grandpa would drive around, especially in that factory brown lick of paint. So you could imagine our surprise when it pulled out an impressive 13.14 @ 105.99 MPH on the quarter mile.

    Commentatorís Pick of the Week

    With that front mounted intercooler hanging out of its front bar, this Mazda commercial van certainly isnít one for hiding its true capabilities. A best run of 11.85 @ 104.25 MPH had everyone wondering just what exactly was rocketing this van down the strip.

    Race 4 Real is on every Wednesday night at Sydney Dragway, weather permitting. Keep it safe, legal and off the streets! Gates open at 4:30PM and racing starts at 6:00PM. Check our website for T&Cís and entry information.

    Next Race 4 Real is this Wednesday April 26, 2017. See you there!


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