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Extremely immaculate and unmolested FD3S, stock engine/exhaust. The only modifications are Aragosta Comfort Spec coilovers, some minor suspension and brake upgrades, and the very necessary Koyo larger radiator and metal Air Separation Tank upgrades. The engine and exhaust are otherwise stock.

This car is the very desirable Type R Bathurst R edition, with the Mazdaspeed carbon-look interior. The wheels are the rare forged Mazdaspeed MS01S with the very rare optional Mazdaspeed centrecaps. These are the period-correct Mazdaspeed wheels for S8 RX-7, and are shod with Advan Neova AD08R.

The car is a December 2001 build, and has been in Australia since March 2014. It was imported as a Grade 4.5B car, and service books and registration certificate verify the mileage of 44,000km at the time it left Japan.

The car has a full service history from Kasukabe Mazda in Saitama, Japan, and since arriving in Australia, has been restored and maintained regardless of cost.

There is a day by day restoration blog for the car, you can find it here:

Or....please do a search for: "Bab's FD Rotary Adventure Time - JDM Style Tuning Forum"

It drives beautifully tight and smooth, and has been restored with new bushes, brakes, hoses, the cooling system has been replaced (incl new hoses) and the clutch and brake hydraulics are totally renewed (masters, slave and hoses). Additional nth-degree restoration items include new power window switches and doorhandles, so that the car feels nice and new to use, and new badges and exterior decals to give the body a fresh and new look.

The twin turbo solenoid box and hoses have been renewed, the car pulls smoothly throughout the rev range and everything works beautifully. It has been maintained with Idemitsu lubricants (as developed for the Le Mans winning 787B) and is in rude health. All of the "typical FD maintenance items" have been performed and then some. There are "no stories" with this car; everything is as it should be, and all parts used in the restoration were supplied new by Mazda; no secondhand parts were used.

The body and wheels are unmarked with gorgeous glossy paint, and presents immaculately. The FD-787 plates will be sold with the car.

It is possibly one of the best-condition FDs in the country, and has been maintained by a well known JDM enthusiast and restorer. It's been such a wonderful car to own and work on, but after three years and the car being finished; it's time to pass the torch to another enthusiast.

Good unmolested FDs are getting hard to find in Japan in this condition, and the strength of the Yen, means that it would be very difficult to import one in this mint condition for less than my asking price.

The car is presented for sale with 78800 km on the clock only, and is registered until March 2018.