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Thread: My 1999 Nissan Pulsar N15 SSS Series 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by nizmo_man View Post
    The wheels are great looking, very mid-late 90's. Although I like the look of the "darkened" SSS tail lights we got in Aus, those Lucino ones are great too.
    Thanks mate! yeah I like old school looks, wouldn't mind having a set of old school jdm wheels on this one day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mloo View Post
    Just read through the entire thread; really enjoyable. Keep up the good work!

    Your pictures are amazing btw, what do you use to take your snaps with?
    Thanks mate appreciate it, will do! I have a sony a58 that I use, pretty basic entry level slr. My skill level with photography is pretty low, but I do my best to get good shots with it haha.
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    Update Time!

    Okay so its definitely been a while again, sorry! Not much has happened for the poosar, since I decided to make a financial mistake that I now regret but oh well I'll make good of it one day. My brother was selling his wrx and asked if i wanted to buy it, I've always liked Wrxs but never got one so figured why not ehh. I asked if it had any issues and he said none, what a load of bull manure that turned out to be smfh! This car is more of a bucket than what my pulsar was when i first got it and that says a lot. I won't bore you with too much info but, I figured I'd get it to an okay stage before i started driving it around and I fixed some of its issues. Anyway I drove it around for a bit, but it's currently broken waiting on parts and I've also started work on the pulsar so I have no car to enjoy for the moment which is fun, luckily i have a work car at the moment so I don't have to get wet in the rain If I had to ride my daily. Its such an annoying car to work on like seriously, I thought jcb machines were terrible to work on at work well boy was I wrong this sugaru is a nightmare!

    Its a 1997 Impreza Wrx GC8, I might make a thread for it one day when its not annoying me and I start doing some cool stuff to it thats worth putting in a thread. In the mean time here are a few photos of it:

    [IMG]DSC02978 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC02963 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Soo back to the pulsar, its currently in pieces as I'm doing a lot of things to it. Gear box is currently out as I'll be changing out clutch and flywheel with xtreme parts which should hopefully arrive this week or next. I'll be fixing my oil pan leak at the same time too, have had the parts for this for a while they've just been sitting. All mounts will be getting changed to polyurethane, funnily enough when I was taking the box out, I found out my rear motor mount on the cross member was broken like inner sleeve was just chilling on the metal shell which explains why my engine would rock back and fourth when I would accelerate and then let off the throttle at certain periods whilst driving.

    I also have the radiator out of the car atm, I want to get some spal fans and get a shroud made for better cooling and mostly more room in engine bay. It annoys me how close the factory fans sit next to the exhaust manifold. I took my aircon out at the same time as its never worked properly so instead of wasting more money getting new components to remedy the problem I thought I'd say see ya later since real race cars don't need aircon haha!

    [IMG]20181007_151153 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Battery will be going to the boot when Ive finished all the upgrades and fixing I'm going to be doing. I've already made up a bracket using the old bracket that used to hold the fuses, blasted it back to bare metal and I'm going to get it zinc coated because thats my new obsession.

    [IMG]20181008_180521 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    I'll be putting a cube short shifter when I pick one up soon to get the gear changes feeling a bit more precise. Shifter boot will be getting ditched for a setup that I'm stealing from hondas. Will be a bit of work to get it to look clean, but I think it will pay off and look better than the gear boot setup I used to have. A weighted gear knob will be going on in favour of the current carbon D1 knob thats on currently.

    My lower control arms are also off the car and I got the bushes and ball joints out of them both, bushes gave me a hard time tbh I won't lie I was frustrated by it, but I got there in the end. I'll be blasting those and getting them zinc coated like my fuse box bracket. I'll be putting poly bushes in the arms to whilst I'm at it. I want to put a super pro sway bar at the same time, but I'm not sure if i'll get it done now or later as its a good $430 for a sway bar which is a huge chunk of cash.
    I'd rather get those cusco braces I've been wanting to get for a while first and then swaybar.

    I did happen to actually get something I've been meaning to get done for a long time finally done on the car. I had someone local who does headlight retrofits and modifications remove my front corner indicator's orange reflector thingo so they're clear. They look great and change the look of the car, hopefully if you've been wondering why I'm all about having lucinos and non blacked out headlights you can now see what i've been trying to make the car look like!

    [IMG]20180822_164819 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]20180822_164751 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]20180822_170318 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    A while ago when I was about to refurbish my wheels I had someone local remake some stickers that were on the wheels when I first picked them up. Although these stickers are usually in the section that the tire goes on and are never seen I decided to get them made up and put them in a spot where they can be seen for a more official look. I first hit the person up for these stickers in May but it took ages to get them back Im pretty sure I ended up receiving them In August or September which is like ages after i had tires mounted on the wheels and the wheels on the car which meant they'd have to wait until all wheels were off the car to be actually fitted. Despite the hicup they look great and I love the little touch they give the wheels.

    [IMG]20181006_191130 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Another issue I fixed today was my spoiler, if you read a while ago when I put the st spoiler on top of my factory sss spoiler I placed it a bit forward which stopped me from opening my hatch more than a 1/4 open which sucked! Well i got it off, took it to work and brought actual original spoiler because when I first did this mod i used a spare spoiler I had picked up incase I didn't like the look and didn't want holes in the spoiler if it were to go back on. The spare spoiler was broken in one spot which didn't matter but since I was revising the mod i figured I'd use the original spoiler, but first I had to fix some issues with the st spoiler.

    I had accidentally left the holes I had cut into it looking ugly so that needed to be fixed which I managed to get done and even got some edge trim on it to make it look less rough even though no one will see it.

    [IMG]DSC03010 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03011 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03015 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Now you'll notice the st spoiler sits further back of the factory one, before it was sitting just past the factory spoiler which made it touch the car and give me grief if I needed to access the hatch.

    [IMG]DSC03018 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03019 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03022 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    I like this mod a lot but its a major pain in the arse to deal with the front two mounting points for the st spoiler. I even cracked the paint when I got my ratchet spanner stuck in a crevis and I had to get it out in a rough way. I'm not a happy camper about it as the situation got worse when I got home and went to touch up the paint. I had left over paint in the can from when first sprayed both spoilers, but I guess it went bad from sitting in the shed? I sprayed it and everything was going well until I noticed when I sprayed it, it came out silver but when it dried it went grey! Not sure if it maybe reacted weirdly or something, but whats done is done I guess.

    [IMG]DSC03020 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03025 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03026 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Its staying like that, you couldn't pay me enough take it off to respray the whole thing right now I'm over it. This is certainly not the final form of the car anyway as this spoiler setup is just for now. I eventually want to have a Js racing gt wing (usually found on civics, but I'll make it work for my poosar!). Since its a $1400 wing I'll wait until I have enough money to buy 1400 wing just for flex purposes as I doubt It will have much functional purpose on my car, until then this st spoiler will do just fine.

    I also got my calipers back from zinc coating and they look great. I shall be ordering a nissan seal kit this week hopefully. Hopefully next time have other pictures of them they're back together and just waiting on pads, I know I said that last time I've decided to go with Project Mu pads so I'll update on that when I have them in hand.

    [IMG]DSC02957 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC02958 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC02959 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    I do apologise I know this is the most whack update i've done yet but I'll be doing more updates sooner rather than leaving it until everything is done then having a long update. I'll get something done then update it on here so you have a better picture of whats actually going on with the car.
    Until next time enjoy some photos I took of the pulsar after a Cars and Coffee meet a while ago, thanks for reading through.

    [IMG]DSC02945 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC02946 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC02930 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC02931 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC02933 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]
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    Little update!

    Got a a little bit done on the pulsar in the past couple of days so thought I'd throw that up into the thread. I removed my BC coilovers from the car, nothing wrong with them, but I figured If I'm going to track the car mostly I might as well get used to the car on track with suspension meant for the track that I had laying around rather than start of with the BCs until they're flogged and then switch them out.
    They're Ceika coilovers that are specd out specifically for track driving, they'd be too harsh for daily driving, but if you like harsh suspension then i guess they wouldn't bother you. Fronts are 12KG whilst rears are 10KG which is not that big of a jump from the 8/6 which is what the BCs have, but its the valving inside which would be setup for driving hard at the track rather than comfort cruising which is big factor.

    [IMG]DSC03063 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03064 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Only have the rears installed at the moment since i have nothing on the front to bolt in the fronts to since thats all taken apart at the moment.

    [IMG]DSC03065 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03066 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Removed the clutch and flywheel assembly off the car, the clutch says Nissan on it, but I'm not sure whether if its just a standard item or a heavy duty one probably standard. Its still in pretty good condition with a fair bit of meat left on it so I'm guessing it was changed out no long before I bought the car because I certainly haven't put too much milage on the car since purchasing the car.

    [IMG]DSC03027 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03028 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Flywheel is in pretty good condition too, but it will be getting replaced with a fairly light one from xtreme.

    [IMG]DSC03029 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03030 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Now on to the good stuff, new clutch and flywheel. The poosar should be much more responsive with a much lighter flywheel and be able to take a reasonable beating with a heavy duty clutch even though its pretty much at stock power levels.

    [IMG]DSC03087 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03088 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03089 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03090 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03092 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03093 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03094 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Got to work fixing that oil leak on both of my oil pans too. Removed both pans and gave them a clean removing the old gasket goo off them and removing some gunk off the exterior of the pans. I didn't go too crazy with the cleaning, but I feel better knowing they're not as filthy any more! The ocd in me would have liked to sandblast the aluminium pan and paint it silver on the outside, but I didn't get to that. I had bought a new lower steel oil pan, but guess what some idiot got the wrong pan which didn't work for my sr which meant I had to re use the old. it still works but its just seen better days which is why I wanted a new on there. Oh well I'll research better next time and get the right parts, the waste of $200 still hurts though.

    [IMG]DSC03037 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03038 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03039 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03040 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    I'm pretty happy with how the job turned out when resealing both pans, didn't run into any dramas and I'm giving it a lot of time to dry even though its only needs 24 hours, but the car is not going anywhere any time soon so no rush to fill it with oil.

    [IMG]DSC03067 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03068 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03069 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    I've sent off some parts to get sand blasted and then zinc coated, when those bits get back the new mounts should be here or at least on the way and then I'll put the new flywheel and clutch on and then gearbox back on. No need to rush and get my new shiny parts covered in rain and then have them rust before I get to drive the car.

    I also didn't get to show how the boot opens fully now since it was dark by the time I had finished installing the spoiler back on the car. I didn't realise how far the st spoiler stuck out past the stock one until I looked at it today when taking these photos. Its pretty crazy reminds me of when you see a flat drag wing on a sedan the ones that usually stick out pretty far past the boot.

    [IMG]DSC03070 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]DSC03071 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Thats it for the moment, until my parts come back from coating or get other things done, but I will update the thread if some more progress is made on the car. Until then thanks for reading through!
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    So i finally got around to putting some new bushings for my steering rack, when I first bought the pulsar i did a get a new set of bushes for the rack, but they did not fit so I left it alone. Surprisingly enough when I bought my first pulsar the set I purchased didn't fit either! Finally purchased a set from super pro and what do you know that set actually resembles the oem set compared to the nolathane and the pedders one I bought.

    DSC03114 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    Below is the part number you need, don't waste your time and money like I did with things that won't work.

    DSC03111 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    Below is all the new bushes in place.

    DSC03117 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03118 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03119 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    Picked up a short shifter from Cube! Really happy with the quality of this product, should be a blast driving the car now when its all back together having a shifter with no slop and such a short distance between each gear!

    DSC03121 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03122 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    Also got do doing that honda mod I said I was going to do for my shifter surround. On civic models you can buy a plate from circuit hero which looks really neat when used in favour of a shifter boot. I was originally planning on buying a civic one and then making it fit, but luckily I realised this would be a waste of money as the console parts are totally different on a pulsar compared to civics so it would be a lot of work.
    Worked out easier going to bunnings to get a sheet of aluminium and making my own one from scratch which I did and it wasn't hard at all, just time consuming and fidly, but looks good and mine is not even perfect!

    DSC03340 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    First plate with the small hole was my first attempt, worked well, but fifth gear and reverse the shifter was making contact with the plate so I had to go bigger. I could have simply grinded the hole bigger with a die grinder, but i figured its just easier to make another one with a bigger hole which meant getting next ideal size up hole saw. 60mm does the trick if you're interested in doing this, if you have a short shifter in place obviously, if you have a stock one the hole will have to be bigger and might not look good since the pivot point for the stock shifter is different to aftermarket.

    DSC03341 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03342 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    I've never been a fan of the stock shifter boot hence why I got the aftermarket leather style one, but even then that one still looked meh hence why I decided to go my own path and do something different!

    DSC03345 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    I bought some oem spark plug leads too, hated the blue ngk ones they just looked out of place in there. I would have had no issues if they made black at least, but why just blue and red? I'm not into things that go hey look at me in the bay so I try and keep things that grab attention on the down low if that makes sense.

    DSC03324 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03326 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    Brakes are now all resealed, master cylinder also has a new seal kit in it, some project mu pads are also now in place on the front.

    DSC03291 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03292 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03294 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    Had some dramas with the rotors fitting a while back, I had gotten them machined to 276 but fitment was never going to work so I was in a bit of crisis! Cost me bit to get them turned down the first time so I didn't want to lose more money just for another 2mm. I asked a friend that I know from when I volunteer at the track if he knew anyone who does machining for a good price. He offered to sort them out for me if he could fit them on his lathe at work which they did fit lucky for me! He did it for free too which I really appreciate too (Thank you Aidan!!)

    DSC03321 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03320 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    Rotors now move without touching anything which is good, clearance is still pretty tight compared to what the factory setup would have had, but then again this is a just an oem plus mod to get a more bang for your buck without upsetting your wallet which I'm not so sure I achieved having refurbished the calipers and considering how pricey rotors, pads, hub and rotor machining was. YIKES haha.

    DSC03316 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    My front coilovers are in place and I realised when I had them on my second pulsar I couldn't run the sss front strut brace that I had since the ceikas have shorter studs. I had to use a different brace from a n14, but I no longer have that. I was planning on getting a cusco one at some point, but I'll have to get it sooner as I don't want to go backwards with the performance of the car.

    Those bits that were getting coated came back, they look great, but some of them didn't come out as great. They said it was because of some left over paint when they got blasted, I should have checked when I picked them up from blasting, but i just figured they would have been thoroughly done. Guess thats a negatory!

    DSC03165 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03166 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03167 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03168 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03169 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03170 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03171 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03172 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    It is pretty disappointing to go this far out of your own way to not get the result you wanted, but you live and learn I guess! Will have to inspect parts when they're back properly next time.

    New bushes for the lower control arms were also purchased and fitted at the same time.

    DSC03173 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03174 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03175 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03176 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03179 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03180 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03318 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03319 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    I did receive my lower control arm brace as well just after christmas which is now in and looking good and dangerously low hahaha! I was hoping on having the car lower than its was before on the front, but those plans might have to wait until I have 16s or something because I don't want the new brace scrapping and bringing the wrong attention.

    DSC03330 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03332 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03338 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03337 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    My spal fans arrived, they're currently with the fabricator with the radiator as well getting a new shroud made up, hopefully this will look a lot cleaner than the oem setup and provide maybe a little bit more airflow. Not too sure on that as I don't know how much cfm the stock fans are rated for. I do know the spals should be more noisier as they have straight blades instead of curved blades, I went for the straight blades on purposes as I like the look better compared to curved blades. I could care less if they are noisy, its what the car needs its too quiet and goes unnoticed like grandmas grocery getter which is exactly what its not!

    DSC03181 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    Sorry these next two photos are blurry af! I think I accidentally deleted the ones that weren't blurry and didn't realise it until it was too late, but then again its just a photo of a fan not a Mclaren senna haha.

    DSC03184 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    [img]]/img]DSC03182 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    Now the elephant in the room, the engine mounts and the gearbox. This bit was a total pain in the neck, back and arse! Not necessarily the gearbox, but the mounts themselves. They did not want to cooperate not even a little bit so it was a struggle being on the ground, but hey I got there in the end which is what matters.

    I did get prothane mounts from jegs in America, they took a while to arrive as they were on back order for nearly two weeks.

    DSC03186 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    Of course I ran into a bit of trouble with the mount on the front of the engine smh! it cracked when i went to press out the insert because the socket I was using to press it out with was slightly larger than the mount, dumb me didn't realise, the mount is cast so as soon as the insert moved a bit allowing the socket to enter the mount the rest was history. I got to work early so I could get this sorted before my work day started, I was still in my casual clothes when this happened so I think you can imagine how shitty I would have been feeling at that point. More money I didn't need to spend, but learn from me and if the ideal socket won't fit bash it out it will come out!

    Snapchat-1194273932 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr
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    The insert basically fell out once the housing had cracked but of course with the new one i wasn't taking chances so I bashed it out hence why it doesn't look as pretty or recognisable.

    20181115_190142 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    20181115_190134 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03192 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03193 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03201 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03200 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    Flywheel and clutch in place, gearbox did give me some trouble at the start when I was trying to line it up, so I put it on the ground and started again and it eventually lined up and went on.

    DSC03202 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03203 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03204 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    DSC03205 by gumunyugregory, on Flickr

    It honestly felt like an eternity writing this post, but feels good to update it! Still more to be done, waiting on other bits to arrive you know how the transit times are during holidays.

    I've already ran some cable from the bay to the boot for the battery so I just need to wait for the dry cell to get here and then figure out where I want it and then mount it and finish up that wiring. Hopefully I have my radiator back on the next update and then it should be just gearbox fluid and coolant left to refill and I'll start it up and check things over. I'm itching to go for a drive in it badly its been a long time Its been sitting on those jack stands!

    Until then folks, take it easy! Thank you for reading through!!
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    Awesome pictures, awesome build!
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