Okay so an update is definitely necessary since it seems like I went awol on this thread :/ Not much has happened lately I've just been getting things done slowly but mostly focusing on other things which meant the pulsar had to wait its turn which is not so bad since its not a daily driver but mostly a weekly grocery getter and a cruise car when i go to the track on weekends to do my volunteer duties as an official.

I managed to buy some S14 dimpled and slotted rotors from RDA and they came with a 4 x 100 pcd already drilled into them. RDA get their rotors blank and then machine them I believe so they were more than happy to help me by drilling them to the pcd i needed which was very much appreciated. So if you're putting some Nissan 4 pots on your N15 or a different brake kit on another car but you're using another models rotor with a different pcd hit up RDA they can probably help you out at an affordable price too. I currently have T3 rotors all round but by the time I would have gotten T3 S14 rotors from DBA and then gotten them redrilled it would have cost a fortune as you'll find out in a bit when I talk about my hubs. I also got these turned down to 276mm from 280mm by a local engineering shop which is needed to clear the caliper.

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With the hubs I basically bought an N16 front hub kit which came with the bearing but I'll be buying a better quality pair before fitting everything because the bearing that came in kit is really shit quality tbh so yeah you do get what you pay for! Got the hubs machined at the same time as the rotors were getting turned down. I just need these to be 4 x 100 since N16 are 4 x 114.3 from factory. Didn't think it would set me back $360 to get both hubs and rotors done so yeah it got expensive real quick, it is what it is I guess this shop does have a pretty high hourly rate but since they always knock out stuff for my work I figured I'd go through them. The guy even told me he had to bring the price down too so I can only imagine what the original was :/

I also got the hubs and my caliper bolts zinc coated because the sate of the old hubs I took out of the knuckle was literally shocking the bearing had literally dried up too. I can't stand how on my car you can currently tell the hub and the shaft are rusty since it has no centre cap so I thought id do some rust prevention. Luckily the TSW wheels that will be going on soon have centre caps that will keep a lot of the water out so things can be a bit less rusty.

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As for the knuckles themselves I sand blasted them at work and gave them a lick of paint in some high heat paint so they should hold up pretty good.

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The calipers themselves I took apart and tried my best to get rid of the powder coat that was already on them, it certainly not easy but with a wire wheel i was able to get most of it off (just a heads up paint stripper did stuff all so don't waste your money or time just wire wheel). I might get the rest blasted off I'm not sure as I'm also still figuring out whether I want to powder coat them again but obviously a different colour or just paint them using a special brush on paint that you can get from America my mind changes on the daily so I guess you'll know soon at some point what I decide to go with. I'd love to powder coat them but I also have wheels which need powder coating so all this will get expensive really quickly and I'm just trying to keep the cost of everything down as much as I can. The brush on paint has really good reviews even with track day use but even then regular caliper paint from brands like VHT or Dulux is good too if you do a good job and a lot cheaper than powder coating. My current calipers still look good only issue is I probably handled them too soon after painting them so the shine is no longer there but paint is not chipping or peeling off they're still red with a slight blackness from brake dust.

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I was pretty tempted to just clear coat them after wire wheeling them as you can see one of the caliper halves is shiny from the wire wheel and has a polished sort of look which I actually liked but id have to get rid of all the red first. I already have a colour picked out but I don't know I might end up running with clear coat idea, I'm pretty sure you can clear powder coat things too which would be even better than me clear coating as it would be a more durable finish. I'll just to have to research and decide from there.

As for the car itself in my opinion the front is looking a lot better with the non SSS headlights on the car, I have also installed a new windscreen banner as I wasn't much of a fan of how the other one was installed. I installed this one myself so I could only blame myself had the job turned out crap which it didn't I removed all the windscreen trim and it was pretty simple, my cuts with the blade weren't so good though but no one will be able to see that since the trim is now covering that hack job

No longer have foggies on the car anymore, covers are back in place and with one them modified to feed air to my "custom" air intake tube to the air box. Not the greatest job at cutting it out but hey it works and when you're in the engine bay and you give the engine a rev or two it sounds awesome listening to the engine sucking in air, I giggle and smile like a little child. Its a shame you don't get to hear it from inside the cabin though.

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Thats it for now next update should be wheels powder coated with the current tires on my stock wheels fitted to them and the car having much better stance I'm hoping Wheels need to have their centre bores machined to suite stock hubs for the rear and n16 hubs for the front so until next time thank you very much for reading through, Take it easy