The longer there are more and more motor vehicle products are marketed into the country, especially from Japan alone there are approximately 5 well-known brands. Similarly with technology devices that are increasingly old upgraded, the vehicle is also so, so do not be surprised if if consumers also become a consumer fabric in the purchase. Find out the latest great product then sell the old vehicle as an additional cost of buying. Without having to sell actually you can still buy it easily, although the financial less, one of them by way of credit. Yamaha motor credit today is easy cloth with the presence of financing institutions that exist in the midst of society.

Some of you must know very well, that not only banks, there is also leasing as well, one part of financial institutions that offer profitable credit products. Purchase only by submitting an advance or DP and some complementary documents, then on the same day also the motor can be brought back home. While installments can be paid each month, much lighter is not it.

It's just that of course in line with it also, there is additional value that must be given in return for credit financing services, namely interest. In order not to be disappointed when doing Yamaha motor credits, then at least avoid the following things, namely:

1. The leasing company you choose is fake, there is no guarantee that the multi-finance institution in the community is genuine. Given the recent frauds under the guise of leasing are also so prevalent that you have to be selective in choosing, a secure institution is already registered as part of APPI or the Association of Indonesian Financing Companies. So do not just be tempted by the easy offer liquid only, but the ins and outs, especially the legality of the finance company.

2. Choose a long credit period, the value of the installment is obtained from the amount of debt divided by the term of installment or financing, usually the longer the selected time period will be the lighter also the price you pay. It's just that all three must also be known, that the selection of a long period of time, the possibility of interest payments also become increasingly high, because the system every year the interest is always increasing. For that consider carefully.

3. Do not use insurance, insurance is also known as protection products, protect yourself, health and property. With the insurance in case anything happens to the vehicle product then it is not a big problem, you will not lose too much, because there is money compensation obtained. In contrast to purchases on credit without insurance, although cheaper, when an accident, no compensation fee is given, fully borrowers bear. Vehicles can not be used, but still have to pay the cost of repayment.

4. Without asking how the process of taking BPKB when the vehicle is paid off, trivial indeed, but very important. Many people who feel harmed after a transaction with a finance company, because it turns out after the installment paid, BPKB or a letter of ownership is not going to be given. This is an important issue, because without this BPKB will not be able to sell the vehicle.

Yamaha motor credits at the right institution, do not just consider whether the disbursement process, but more to the security of the debtor himself. On the one hand finance companies do give a lot of advantages, but can also harm, if you are not selective when choosing.