Hey Everyone!

I am completely new to this forum so please excuse me if I break any rules.

I am looking to buy my first JDM car, but as of right now my funding is very low, what would you recommend picking up for around 1K euros? (if this is even possible). I have been considering a Civic as I have heard good reviews for their reliability and handling. This also struck me as a possible option as I have been told they are a good starting point to learn a thing or two about mechanics.

If anyone has any insight as to whether this would be a bad idea, please let me know! (I'm no ricer, just poor ). If anyone can recommend anything that is RWD and reliable, then I would be even more grateful! (Miatas here cost 7K some how?)

I have also set up an online store selling JDM clothing and stickers, if anyone is interested in helping me fund my first car, the link will be below!