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Thread: 90s JDM vs Modern JDM

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    90s JDM vs Modern JDM

    Speaking as a 14 year old, I can't say I know EVERYTHING about JDM, but enough to make this post, I suppose
    (If you get butthurt about other people's opinions, click away now)
    No hateful comments, but constructive criticism. Thank you

    90s JDM vs. Modern JDM

    ~~~~~~~~90s JDM~~~~~~~~

    I think the 90s was the end of the true JDM and the transition into what now is know as " J D M" which is really, USDM.
    90s JDM had simple tuning, sure there were the crazy tuning like the Bosozoku style, or the Madonna racing scene, but for the most part, JDM cars from the 90s had only a few modified parts, like paint, BWAVE (or Wangan) style spoilers, adjusted stance/camber, maybe some custom bumpers, but other than that, stock

    Open diff, no toe angle, no nothing, that's what the 90s drifting scene was (mostly)

    The JDM scene back in the day was friendlier as well, for the most part
    if you're ripping it up on Hakone and ram into some other dude's car, they'd probably just stick their arm at the window like "It's okay! ^_^"

    Rather in today's world the person who got hit would be like "COME ON SON MY NEW ASS EVO BOI"

    Circuit drifting was also big in the 90s, as amateur ( or pro) drifters would come along and just drift for fun.

    Modern JDM A.K.A "USDM"
    Sure, Sure, the cars may have JDM parts, but the tuning is USDM, it is hard to explain in my mind, but take a look at this;

    In your mind it may look good, but it my mind, it's...... Ew.
    I'm not one to hate on someone's pride and joy but I honestly HATE new " J D M" cars,
    Not only do they not look (In my opinion) good, but the owners are just...cancer. They always think they're hot shit because they are rocking the BBS RS rims with a -14 degree camber adjustment. Also, they seem to vlog every thing they f*cking can, *cough* TJ Hunt *cough*

    So JDM vs USDM

    CarsAndCoffee/Cambergang/USDM Parts/Ricers thinking they the Shit./ETC.

    (I could be wrong about some of the things I said, but don't nuke me with facts please.
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    Thought I'd give some personal in-sight into this, even if 3 months following your post.

    I agree with a lot of what you're saying and I think the changes can simply be attributed to time. Things move on, trends come and go just like fashion, and what was considered fashionable back in the 90's most like won't be considered cool now (barring brief retro trends that make comebacks). Cars have changed, people's mentality has changed and so has society's approach to certain things. We (some) used to think massive 18 inch chrome wheels were cool 15 years ago but we now cringe if we see them (which is rare).

    As for the USDM scene, a lot of it has it origins from Japan, particular the "stance / hard park" scene which gets it's inspiration from Japan's VIP cars from the early to mid 2000's. Plus modding cars to make good HP is expensive so the cheaper option is to just make your car look cool, fast and then stand by it. My biggest peeve is massive camber and deep dish wheels on a FWD(!). It's also true that there used to be more of a car community back then but that has changed (in Australia anyway) because of the restrictive laws put in place by our policy makers as a result of one too many deaths by a young, stupid and naive driver. I, for one support these laws but as a sacrifice, the car scene was impacted. You're probably too young to remember but Australia's "cruise" scene was awesome back in the early 2000's. It was not uncommon to see 18 year olds in souped up turbos cruising up and down their main inner city strip.

    I'm not a fan of the stance scene of today but I will appreciate a good example that has been done nicely. At the end of the day, it is still someone's pride and joy who worked hard to achieve their goal. Love it or hate it, you have to respect that.

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