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Thread: R31 sillhoutte project

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    R31 sillhoutte project

    Hey people
    So basically when i was in school I used to love reading build threads, and thus why i am making one, for the others like me to enjoy who may or may not be procrastinating through religious studies.

    But those days are gone and im now 2nd yr fitter and machinist, who just lost their license and has nothing else better to do but spend time on a thrashed 28 yr old box.

    First car was an r31 skyline gxe, then had a manual 180rwhp mx83, now i have a r31 again.

    So when i got it it had some rust spots on roof, and some other dings and the usual, so im actually halfway through painting it, all rust (including under front qp) and dings that i wanted gone are gone, I've sanded and primed the top haft, and now sanding the bottom half.

    Going fresh red with dark grey metallic two tone, have the paint already.

    Buying a head and cam and chipped ecu for the motor, will probably do bottom end bearings too and rings.

    Car has:
    bride reclinable seat
    S13 coilovers all round
    S13 front end
    Rack spacers
    411 minispooled diff
    Adjustable panhard bar
    Rota shakotan wheels
    Nolothane bushes allround
    Mint rb20 gearbox
    Other small shit

    Pics: when i got it:

    And pics as is right now

    Getting the engine stuff this weekend and finish sanding this weekend and also prime bottom half this weekend hopefully. Paint early next week.

    Will keep yous updated on bodywork as it happens.


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    Now have the Refurbished head, big cam, and chipped ecu as of today.
    Also picked up a towball/bar and some interior bits.

    Got a new bootlid too, and now im seriously considering painting the top half this color haha.

    Its the factory ti color on some cars and ive always liked it.

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    Have done a lot, been too lazy to post haha.

    Car is now painted deasert tan, still have some things to paint like the front splitter bar, and the window trim.
    Currently passing blueslip.

    Have a bottom end for the motor im building, and the head and cam and everything is all clean and ready for assembly.
    Waiting on money to purchase all new bearings rings and gaskets, will come after rego.

    Will update when its regoed and looking cool!

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    Ry Kirley

    colour choice is bang on, look forward to your progress
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    So big big progress, motor is done, cammed, chipped ecu, high comp factory bearings rimgs etc. motor is in the car! Been too busy lately to update, but car will be coming of the road again soon to have more body work done in terms of strengthening the chassis. Also 4:11 diff is in the works, aswell as dual caliper Hydo handbreak setup. Will update soon heres some pics for now. (adjustable cam gear i machined at work)

    Will try to update sooner, motor is running well and goes hard! Cheers for looking

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    Car is also fully registered too now

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    Pushy until coppas say so

    new paint looks mint

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