Hello All,

It has been a very long time since i logged into this forum however this is the forum i used when i bought my S13 back in 2010.

I still got it and only drive it out here and there, so this maybe a long shot off but im hoping to organise a meet for old times sakes just like those port lorimer meets or the good old doncaster days.

I havnt been to a meet in over 4 years and hoping to maybe tee up a litte something.

If anyone in VIC is reading this shoot me an email on [email protected] or reply on this

Hoping to get some replies here woudl love to organise a meet in August and see some familiar faces not that anyone will remeber who i am LOLL.

If we get a decent response even 10 cars maybe we can organise a meet and photoshoot.

Hope to hear from you guys

Kind Regards