Brand new to doing forum stuff, but seeing that I've got a car that nobody seems to know anything about, I've been lurking forums to gather knowledge.
I'm currently living in Okinawa, JP, but I'm from Chicago.
My car is a 1989 Y31 Nissan Cedric Cima, named Justine, or just Juice for short.
She has a VG30DET, and it is absolutely impossible to source parts for anything but the engine, so I'm familiarizing myself with the art of retrofitting parts from all types of cars to my old girl.
I plan on attending the automotive tech degree course at Lincoln Tech when I return to the US in 2020, in hopes of one day bringing the spirit of JDM and VIP home with me and possibly opening a shop in the future.
What about you, JDMST? Who's still active here and what are you up to?

Attached photo is of Juice, of course.

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