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Thread: Turbo too big. Anyway to keep it on boost??

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    Turbo too big. Anyway to keep it on boost??

    Hey guys, i have an sr20det. Stock bottom end, 256 drop in cams.

    Ive got a gtx3582 with a .63 rear on there making 390rwkw. Its on kill mode at the moment and will eventually get a 2.2 stroker. It is exactly what i wanted and expected in terms of lag. (Wastegate cracks on around 5800-6k) comes on amazing and power all the way thru!

    The car is primarily used for drag and roll racing.

    What i did not take into consideration when making my turbo choice was boost drop between gears. 1st to 2nd is straight back on boost. But 2nd to 3rd im about 1000rpm out of the powerband.

    Is there anyway i can fix this? Play with cam timing etc?

    Ive got 4.11 diff gears and standard sr20 gearbox ratios..

    Im limited in terms of ecu at the moment so no, i will not put it on the bottle lol

    Thanks in advance
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    Is the SR tuned on Premium or E85/Flex setup? Do you have availability of E85 fuel from the pump in your local area? If so, and not already, have the car tuned on E85, allowing a more aggressive tune to be run safely, including more timing, earlier in the rev range.

    A shorter final drive ratio in the diff than the 4.11's you're currently running. 4.3's that are readily available.

    What boost controller are you running? Do you have the option of adjusting the gain/boost ramp?

    Internal or external wastegate fitted?
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    I don't think you are going to have to worry for long. Nearly 400kw on a stock bottom jesus christ!

    Shorter dif ratios probably aren't the right choice here given they will change the overall drive. With that much power and a torque mountain you will probably end up shredding gears so maybe get in front of it with a PPG 1-4. You might be able to adjust the ratios for 3/4 slightly. Will also avoid having 1st and 2nd being too short.

    The 2.2 should help a little bit but that is a massive turbo so you might just have to eat the lag unless you are willing to outlay serious $.

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