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Thread: Could you use an oil / transmission cooler as a radiator?

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    Could you use an oil / transmission cooler as a radiator?

    I have an odd or stupid question depending on which way you look at it, doesn't hurt to ask as I couldn't really find much info about it / people actually doing it so this question might help others out too.
    Q: Could you use an oil / transmission cooler as a radiator?

    My answer / additional info to the question
    I have a del sol and instead of going down the prefabbed tucked radiator route eg. like rywire's one I was thinking of just using one or two 30 row coolers with fans on them, would it provide sufficient cooling on a stock B16?
    As for filling I would be getting the K-Tuned Upper Coolant Housing W/ Filler in a -12AN fitting. The coolers have welded -10AN fittings so which means i'll also grab the reducer fittings so everything hooks up.
    As for draining just mounting the coolers with the fittings facing towards the ground shoud do the trick just unscrew one fitting and BLAM! coolant gushing out

    If such a setup like this is possible you can get VERY creative on where you mount the coolers. Depending on the hose length an electric pump might also be required.

    So yeah just wanted to see other peoples opinions on this odd idea. Thanks!
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    You could, but I'd definitely advise against it. You would have to consider both the additional pressure you would be introducing into the system (same overall volume but narrow channels) and the thermal capacity of the two 30 rows vs a conventional radiator. It would probably be great as a show piece but would likely fail once you introduced a hot day and a heavy foot into the equation.

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