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    Read Me 1st

    Welcome All,

    The guys at Proconcept are proud to be one of the few select JDM specialised workshops that fully supports JDM Style Tuning (JDMST). We support this effort because of JDMST's direction in bringing together, mature-minded JDM enthusiasts and respected JDM specialised workshops under one common community - Proconcept welcomes and looks forward to this affiliation.

    The threads in this section will be one-way in an effort to reduce administration from Proconcept's point of view. You are however, welcome to start your own thread in the main forum, and start discussions there.

    The type of information we plan to post in the JDMST Sponsors section are:

    • Noteworthy fabrication work (TIG & MIG)
    • Noteworthy projects (the type of stuff that makes you salivate)
    • Press releases (Proconcept Racing)
    • Race photos and videos (Proconcept Racing competes in Improved Production Racing. We have also prepared a homologated Nissan 200SX-R - competing in Production Sportscars 2007)

    In general, we will not be advertising for parts or 'specials'. Please contact the other JDMST Sponsors listed if you want a great deal. We don't plan to use this forum to make direct sales - it's not part of our philosophy.

    Proconcept have been a long time supporter of the CAMS Nissan Sports Car Club (NSCC), and will continue ongoing support to NSCC. NSCC club members enjoy a 10% discount rate.

    Personally, I wish to relay a big thank you to Justin and the rest of the gang who contribute much time and effort into JDMST, and contributing to a forum that the general JDM community should be proud of.

    Best Regards,
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