For the benefit of all JDMST members these simple rules must be respected. Break these rules and you could be banned without warning. JDMST's moderators will enforce these rules at their discretion.

1) No racism, personal attacks, flaming, NSFW/Not Safe For Work content and sexism. We want JDMST to be a positive place so please keep it nice on the forum. If you feel the need to say something negative towards someone send them a private message instead of posting in public. If you can't stand someone, add them to your "ignore list". This applies to the spam thread as well.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion but if you can't express your opinion in a constructive, polite and civil manner keep your opinions to yourself. Same goes for when you're speaking of other forums, our sponsors and other JDM related businesses.

2) Spamming in all threads but the Spam Thread will not be tolerated. This means D-grade trash-talk style postings, random pictures and youtube links. JDMST moderators reserve the right to delete spam posts at will.

3) No organisation or boasting/celebration of illegal street activities/hooning/street racing to be done on JDMST forums.

5) Avatars/Signatures/Images
- Keep avatars clean, nothing that would be Not Safe For Work.
- No commercial advertising in signatures.
- No more than one quote box in signatures. If considered inappropriate your signature may be removed at moderator discretion.

End Of Month Meet (EOMM)
When you attend a JDMST EOMM (End Of Month Meet) you are representing JDMST. Please respect staff on location, business and property owners, residents in the surrounding area, security and the police.

When entering, existing, or partaking in an EOMM, there is to be:
- NO engine revving
- NO burnouts
- NO loud music
- NO inappropriate behaviour

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware!) - the onus is on those selling and purchasing items within the classified ads to protect their own interests. This includes a responsibility on the buyer and seller to investigate the transaction (including the state of the goods and reputation of the buyer/seller) to their satisfaction, before depositing funds, sending items or undertaking any other trading activity.

Classifieds are for contributing JDMST forum members only and the forum will automatically allow you to post items for sale after one month or when you contribute over 50 genuine posts to JDMST. If it's clear that you've spammed JDMST with useless posts just to sell goods, your classified posts and account will be deleted without warning.

1. 1 Bump/week. Excessive bumping will get your thread locked.
2. No posting on the behalf of others.
3. Listing a location in the title is a must! This just makes it alot simpler to find items in your state and help you sell your items.

The following are examples that are acceptable:
(VIC) Nissan Skyline GTR Turbos
[TAS] Nissan Skyline GTR Turbos
NSW - Nissan Skyline GTR Turbos

4. All listings must use the template below:

For sale: (VIC) Nissan Skyline GTR Turbos
Price and price conditions: $300obo
Condition: Used - some shaft play
Contact Details: PM / Mobile / Email
Location: Melbourne CBD
Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Pickup or meet in CBD - Buyer pays postage

If this is not followed your thread will be deleted without warning. The exception to this is photos of your items, its not always possible to have a photo right away, so you MUST upload one within 48 hours.

Commercial Services
Any business wishing to sell their parts/services on this forum must become a registered trader. If you're interested please contact us for rates.

Any suspected business sellers who try to advertise their parts or services without becoming a trader will have their threads removed immediately without warning.

Commercial advertising in signatures is forbidden - signatures can and will be edited by JDMST moderators without prior warning.

Forum members please note: Forum sponsors pay to keep JDMST alive and in doing so they are entitled to post product information in threads outside of their sponsors room so long as their posts are relevant to the thread.