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Taleb Tyres
18-06-09, 11:45 PM
Well looking around my garage, too many sets of wheels at home so have to get rid of a few.


18x7 Ame modelart Excellent
+45 offset, 5x100.

these are genuine AME, 3 piece, made in Japan.

Pretty much made for YOUR REX!
Will also fit STI(ask me as some STI models have a different hub pattern if you didnt already know)

Factory gold plated. 1 wheel has some gold flaked off one of the spokes, wheel is polished beneath it so kinda blends in with the gold., can be fixed though.

This set is still gleaming, is not hazy or faded out like many other classic JDM sets like this.

$tba with current 215 35 18 x 3 tyres. Or i can put brand new tyres on them and fit them at pretty much cost price. OR i can even wack on some semi slicks if you prefer!



2nd set: 18 x8.5/9.5 staggered Genuine ZEIT SS wheels and good tread BS POTENZA tyres!
These are genuine ZEIT, Made in Japan, (Almost every chinee manufacturer has a copy of these wheels, this is the ORIGINAL).

These are 5x114.3, they came on my r34 when i imported it from Japan.(was running HUGE spacers and adapters on it to sit flush so wont suit a gtr unless you wanna do that, in which case i will supply the old adapters for you but i wouldnt recommend it!)

I cant remember the ofsets, but theyre made for Japsec vehcilces such as skyline, sivlia, supra, chaser or anything else. IF you like them let me know i will tell you if they fit or what has to be done to fit them.

Tyres fitted to these are Bridgestone potenza g3. 235 40 18 front. 265 35 18 rear.
still great tread left on them.

They are used so obvioulsy have some gutter love.

$TBA - pm in the meanwhile



3rd set: 20x8.5 Hipnotic C-note wheels and tyres.
Far from jdm, but i may as well post them up here if anyone is interested or has friends that may be, they're still beatiful wheels nonetheless.

Took these of my brothers BMW which you may have seen rolling on these last year. If your after attention, these wheels are what you want. guaranteed 4 numbers every saturday night on George st!

Will fit BMW, Holden.
these will also fit cars such as Honda, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, etccc. just pm me for info for your car.

Theses wheels are full chrome, and also included is the full set of custom baby blue inserts(we used to call my bro Smurf so dont be surprised if you hear it ;) )
These can be custom painted any colour you like, have a look at our website to see other cutsomers and what they have done with them Or you can leave the inserts off for a full chrome wheel.
Tyres are Nitto(toyo) and Hankook, have camber wear.




These are all used sets so are sold as is obviously.

Deals with new tyres can be organised with any of these wheels.

If your interested in any of them then pm or call me to have a look at them

I can post interstate as well, $100 for any set delivered.

More pics or info, just ask me.


19-06-09, 04:56 PM
price on AMEs

Taleb Tyres
27-06-09, 11:02 AM
Ame Sold Pending Payment