View Full Version : XFORCE Exhaust Systems for Supra JZA80 Review

20-06-11, 11:22 AM
Xforce exhaust systems are designed to be a true bolt-on option and power gainer. All exhaust systems are R&D in-house and dyno tested with proven power gains. 304 Stainless steel mandrel bends, and flanges are used in the construction for its strength, excellent heat resistance, rust proof, high flow (mandrel bends) and finish properties. Everything in the Xforce range includes bolts, nuts, gaskets and everything else needed for a true bolt on experience.

Xforce recommends a dyno tune after an exhaust item has been upgraded (like any other power mod) to fully utilize its power potential.

Cat-Back System ( Supra JZA80)

Material: 304 grade stainless steel
Design: Cat-Back (Plus extra cat-replacement pipe)
Rear Cannon Muffler: 7" Barrel,4.5" Tip;
Pipe size: 76mm(3") extended to 90mm(3.5")
Models: Supra JZA80