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Xforce exhaust systems are designed to be a true bolt-on option and power gainer. All exhaust systems are R&D in-house and dyno tested with proven power gains. 304 Stainless steel mandrel bends, and flanges are used in the construction for its strength, excellent heat resistance, rust proof, high flow (mandrel bends) and finish properties. Everything in the Xforce range includes bolts, nuts, gaskets and everything else needed for a true bolt on experience.

Xforce recommends a dyno tune after an exhaust item has been upgraded (like any other power mod) to fully utilize its power potential.

Impreza WRX/STi (94~07)

Turbo Back System (WRX/STi)
Components Including:

 3" bell mouth style dump-pipe;
 3" hi-flow racing cat;
 3" middle section with hot-dog style resonator;
 Four Options of Rear Mufflers:

 Straight out cannon muffler: 4.5" tip,7" barrel,muffler sitting in straight out position;
 Angle Out Cannon muffler: 4.5" tip,7" barrel, muffler sitting in slight angle;
 Twin tip oval muffler: twin 3" O.D round resonated tips,6"X10" oval barrel. Sound level is low, around 90dB+;
 Single tip oval muffler: Single 4.5" O.D round resonated tip, 6"X10" oval barrel. sound level is low, around 90dB+.

 Power Gain: 25kw at wheels for the standard setup WRX.






Dump-pipe (WRX / STi, Forester GT/XT)
 Material Option 1:304 grade stainless steel, Highly Polished, Mirror Finish;
 Material Option 2:Mild steel coated with silver color high-temperature resistant paint
 Bell-Mouth style with smooth, unrestricted, wide open design, optimize exhaust gas flow from turbo outlet, minimize back pressure.
 Flexi-Bellow Joint absorb vibration from engine rocking, prevent component failure from fatigue
 Pipe Size Options 1: 3 , most common used pipe size suitable for most common modification set-up.
 Pipe Size Options 2: 4 ; Suitable for high-end modification and extreme hi-power output.


Turbo-Back System (WRX Hatch 2008+)
 3 straight-through design through-out;
 Wide-open bell mouth dump-pipe;

 Option 1: Without cat;
 Option 2: With hi-flow metallic cat (pre-cat), O2 sensor after pre-cat;
 3 hi-flow ceramic racing cat(Metallic cat optional);
 Hot-dog center resonator;
 oval rear muffler;
 Single 4.5 double-wall tips;




Turbo-Back System (WRX Sedan MY09+)
 3 straight-through design through-out;
 Wide-open bell mouth dump-pipe;

 Option 1: Without cat;
 Option 2: With hi-flow metallic cat (pre-cat), O2 sensor after pre-cat;
 3 hi-flow metallic racing cat;
 Hot-dog center resonator;
 Two oval rear muffler;
 Dua Side 4" Double-wall, angle-cut tips;




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