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25-07-11, 11:03 AM
What you get in the box.

First Impressions
Opening the box you instantly see that care and thought has been taken when packaging the Varex muffler from the factory. Moulded foam pads are used to hold and secure the muffler and its accessories from moving around and making contact with each other or getting damaged during transit.


The Varex Muffler.
Once you have the Varex muffler out of the box and in the sun light. The workmanship and quality of the Varex can really be appreciated; the tig welds are nice and even and are up there with the best. Polished 304 Stainless Steel is used throughout the build from its tip, body casing, flange and even its perforated baffle tube. Sitting on top of the muffler away from flying debris and water is the Varex motor which controls a valve to shut or open inside the muffler via a remote control. What’s also interesting to note is Xforce has also gone the extra mile and put a heat resistant sleeve to protect the wiring harness from heat and damage. As if the Stainless steel wasn’t used enough the guts of the Varex (and Xforce) muffler consist of a 2 layer packing. The most inner layer lined wrapped with stainless steel mesh and its outer layer packed with fibre glass.



Along with the Varex muffler you get everything needed for the install. (Universal Varex muffler may require modifying your old exhaust to fit). Included in the box you get a wiring harness which uses the 12volt cigarette lighter as its power source, a control box and remote control (current gen Varex only include 1 remote). Installation is made very simple by following the included Varex manual. With less wiring to do then a CD deck. Most backyard mechanics should be able to figure this part out in no time.


Misc. items
Correctly sized polished stainless steel brackets are also included to help make mounting the muffler easier. Metal exhaust gasket, nuts and bolts are all standard issue items you would find in any reputable exhaust shop.


For more information on Varex Mufflers or sound clips please visit http://www.xforce.com.au/ ( http://clixtrac.com/goto/?43522)

17-11-11, 01:14 PM
hey there, can I ask which model you have shown in the pictures?

From looking at the xforce website, it looks like it might be a VMK6-300?

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23-11-11, 01:32 PM
has anyone ever done a test on the flow of both open and shut varex?

id like to know whether keeping it shut all the time would be detrimental to the performance / motor health, as it seems like they are quite restrictive shut?

23-11-11, 11:54 PM
pretty sure we did one on my car

above 5/6g it got really restricive and got only like 120kw before yavus killed it .... open was 185

24-11-11, 12:01 AM
above 5/6g it got really restricive and got only like 120kw before yavus killed it .... open was 185

ive always suspected this

24-11-11, 05:55 AM
i run a 3inch straight pipe no res to a varex cannon, awsome note, not really droney, well ofc u only shut it when your getting pulled over , or comming home etc, so flow isnt really an issue imo, i would never rev the car over 2.5k with it shut though lol. but is proven you can limititer bash it shut, just dosnt seem healthy.