View Full Version : Varex Exhaust sound clip for Hondas

15-09-11, 04:20 PM
Hi guys,

I Have been searching youtube for sound clips for anybody that might be thinking about going a Varex/ Xforce exhaust. Most of these are customs setup using a Varex muffler.

Let me know what else you guys want and i'll try find it Or better yet post up yours if you have one.

1990 honda integra da9 with a full xforce extractors back exhaust system with varex tip. Varex in "quiet" mode. Headers are 4-2-1 design: 42MM-48MM-60MM. Piping is 60mm with a single 12'' resonator.


With Valve open. "Loud" Mode.


Varex Xforce on 2005 Civic Sedan (Part 1)
The car is equipped with Vafc 2, DC 4-2-1 Race headers. OEM Intake.
The video demonstrates the Varex model VMK10-250 with on / off electronic silencer.


Demo of the xforce varex muffler on a 1994 H23 Prelude, stock engine, custom 2.5 inch pipping from the cat - muffler