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06-10-11, 04:23 PM
Hi guys,

I Have been searching youtube for sound clips for anybody that might be thinking about purchasing a Varex/ Xforce exhaust.

If you guys have any videos you know of or have made yourself please feel free to add them.

Ford BF LTD 5.4L V8, Varex Muffler & new exhaust system fitted.

Bruno at Carline in Mt Druitt fitted a Dual 2.5" system to a single 3" finished it off with a Varex muffler. We were unable to source the diff pipe in stainless, otherwise it would have been a full stainless system, and for warranty we only upgraded from the Cat's back. Bit smoky because the work is fresh(unburn't oil) and cold motor.


XFORCE Full Stainless Steel quad tip exhaust system on a 2008 FPV FG GT-P with the 5.4L Boss engine. Includes high flow cats with twin 2.5" pipes from the cats back. The car also has had a tune done and has almost 500hp.


XFORCE twin 2.5" quad-tip performance exhaust system for Ford Falcon BF GT.Also system for BA-BF XR8 XR6T are available in quad-tip design.


xe falcon varex exhaust, pacemakers headers, twin 3 inch, pacemaker x pipe, into twin varex mufflers with 4 1/2 inch tips. Motor has crow solid cam, quad 48mm webers, ported 2v heads, crane roller rockers, and a whole lot more. Built by Brad's Garage, exhaust by mountain mufflers.


ford Xr6 Turbo Xforce Catback exhaust before/after.


Camera was a little too close but you get the idea.


XR4 Custom fabricated stainless exhaust system, from extractors back with a xforce Varex muffler 3 inch


For more information on Xforce Click Here (http://clixtrac.com/goto/?43522)