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03-11-11, 03:40 PM
Xforce sponsors SAU Nationals 2011

The annual Skyline Australia Nationals took place over the weekend. The weekend was massive with a track day at Winton on the Saturday followed by an awards ceremony on the Saturday night. The weekend ended with a massive show and shine. Skylines Australia sponsor X-Force decided to travel down from Sydney to check out the action and support the Skyline community and personally raffle off a complete turbo back exhaust system to suit the winner’s R32/33/34.

The SAU weekend started Friday morning. We met up with Pez head, GTR NUR, Bored 33, GTR Sean, Liz, Piggaz and the guys from Motive DVD at the Pheasants Nest Mobile, before leaving for Yass to meet up with more SAU members including n8ive.2.oz and Shell.




The trip was smooth and having a bunch of enthusiasts with us made the trip much more entertaining. We managed to snap these driving shots on the way to Shepparton.



When we arrived we quickly settled into the hotel before and gave Ash (Event organiser) a quick call. Apparently drinks and pizza were on at the Torina Motor Inn. Three hundred dollars worth of pizza and probably $1300 in beers were consumed by 9:30, these skyline boys really don’t do things half assed and it set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

Unfortunately the rain had set in overnight which meant the track was slippery and treacherous, producing slower lap times, however it cleared up by lunch time and lap times started coming down. Turn one proved to be the most difficult, with many cars coming in too hot or coming on the throttle to early during the exit unsettling a few drivers.


It wasn’t all skylines though, there were many S14s, an E30 M3, an S2000, an Evo 6 and a DC5R all giving the skylines a run for their money. Crowd favourite Russellf Cunningham took out fastest lap with his R32 skyline. It was exciting to watch him enter the main straight with the Skylines tail twitch before putting the power down. The Group 1 cars sounded unbelievably mean especially the Winfield R32 GTR thanks to dual side pipes.



Russel getting tail happy @ 0:10

Group 1 Cars on the main straight.

GTR? Who needs it?

The track day wrapped up around 4:00pm and we were told that the award ceremony would be at the Goulburn Hotel where the SAU members would get a chance to win the turbo back X-Force exhaust system. SAU had booked out the function room on the upper floor of the GV Hotel and upon entry we were met with tonnes of finger food and two complimentary drinks. At around 9:00pm the DJ stopped the music as the formalities got under way. The trophies were handed out by the sponsors and then it was time for the X-Force exhaust give away. The ticket “Red A 3” was called and there was absolute silence. Everyone checked their ticket before looking around for the lucky winner. From the crowd emerged Dee (SAU member Deesil) holding the winning ticket and sporting a giant smile on her face. Every one cheered and patted Dee on the back congratulating her. The voucher was handed over and the celebrations continued well into the night.

Awards ceremony

Receiving the voucher

Dee with the voucher

We woke up Sunday a little burnt but excited as today was the Show’n’Shine. We quickly packed up the motel before heading to Shepparton Showgrounds. The cars started rolling in and it didn’t take long before the cars were lining up around the street. The day featured around 120 cars with every generation of skyline imaginable. There were some mint Skylines on display, every generation from 31/32/33/34/35 as well as a range of silvias and 180s. Well done SAU on setting the bar for how cars should be modified and for representing the Australian car community in such a professional manner.




Whilst walking amongst the crowd we over heard a few enthusiasts discussing their exhaust systems and we overheard X-Force. SAU member JPCR- 33 had an X-Force oval exhaust on his R33 GTST and we were happy to take some shots of his car. JPCR had said he noticed the X-Force exhaust had much better flow properties than the stock muffler, he also commented that it made a good note while not being overly loud. Featured below is JPCR-33’s Skyline.





The Show’n’Shine awards were given out and that was a wrap for SAU Nationals 2011. X-Force are proud to be a part of the Skylines Australia community and hope to be involved in further SAU meets in the future. Congratulations to the people that took home awards, the members for supporting the car community and Ash for organising the Event. Hope to see you all again soon.

XForce Exhausts stock the exclusive VAREX Muffler as well as a range of others to suit your vehicle. For more information please visit http://www.xforce.com.au/ (http://clixtrac.com/goto/?43522)or call us on (02)8999 5977.

03-11-11, 08:20 PM
Best car!


04-11-11, 05:35 PM
wasn't this the first SAU Nationals? Are they making it an annual event?

might be worth a gander next time...

07-11-11, 10:47 AM
It is a annual event.

Take your R31 out next time, these guys are very passionate and friendly bunch.

07-11-11, 10:39 PM
really, you must have been mis-informed, i know this was the first event...

but maybe next time we'll see if i can find time to get out there...