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02-07-12, 01:03 PM
We have an awesome range of lug nuts suitable for both track and street cars at killer prices.

Project Mu - long open ended with scratch resistant floating collars to protect your wheels $250
12x1.25 and 12x1.5 available
Forged steel - extremely strong and recommended for track

http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii304/tmarkman/Racing_Nut.jpg (http://s267.photobucket.com/user/tmarkman/media/Racing_Nut.jpg.html)

Project Mu - short closed ended $170
12x1.25 and 12x1.5 available
Forged steel - extremely strong and recommended for track


Billet Aluminum light weight - available in various colors 12x1.25 and 12x1.5 available $80
http://i1300.photobucket.com/albums/ag95/partycatt/photo51_zps685e2725.jpg (http://s1300.photobucket.com/user/partycatt/media/photo51_zps685e2725.jpg.html)
http://i1300.photobucket.com/albums/ag95/partycatt/photo49_zps1a0f9cc2.jpg (http://s1300.photobucket.com/user/partycatt/media/photo49_zps1a0f9cc2.jpg.html)

14-01-13, 01:05 PM
Lug nut stock and prices are updated!

21-05-13, 12:41 PM

21-05-13, 04:29 PM
Please tell me you can get 14x1.5?!?!

21-05-13, 05:35 PM
Sorry mate nothing in stock for that one :/

23-05-13, 01:51 PM
do you still have the Top Fuel Zero-1000 ONLY $175 LAST SET!! and do they come with lock nuts?

23-05-13, 02:19 PM
Hey mate the top fuel set is still available. They are not lock nuts though.

06-06-13, 12:11 PM
nut bump

10-01-14, 12:00 PM
DGR Nuts Available now!

27-06-14, 12:26 PM
List and prices updated!

10-09-14, 02:37 PM
Special prices listed and stock updated

21-09-14, 12:15 AM
was wondering if the close ended lock nuts are actually $170 as I came by the shop today and picked some up and the guy told me it was $180 and I have a receipt to prove that I paid $180 and not what you guy listed as $170

22-09-14, 01:01 PM
Hey mate, if you didn't mention the online special advertised on JDMST then the special price would not have applied...if it's worth $10 to you, we can do the discount if you come into the shop with your receipt.

24-09-14, 01:03 AM
i did mentioned that i saw it online for $170 but you guys still insisted on it being $180. Its not the $10 I'm concerned about its the honesty to say that you should communicate and write on your post that we have to mention it when we come to the store otherwise others will come too and don't know what is going on. I'm hesitant now to come back and buy coilovers as this has made a bad experience for me

24-09-14, 01:37 PM
We're sorry you feel that way mate. We ALWAYS have excellent customer service and are much more flexible and helpful then the majority of other shops in this industry. All you needed to say was that you saw it on JDMST for that price and we would check it and give you that price. It's as simple as that we have done so many times over the years. For any advertised special price in any industry, it is appropriate to show where that price was advertised. If someone comes to buy coilovers and says "hey I saw them for cheaper" it would be unreasonable to simply drop the price without having been shown where that price was listed.

In any case, we hope that you are not put off and know that we will provide you with the best service around. This seems like a misunderstanding and is may be due to one of our staff members not knowing there was a special price listed for this item. Please understand we have people everyday who make up fake prices just to negotiate.

Thanks for your understanding and we're always happy to help you!

11-11-14, 02:32 PM
Nut Bump