View Full Version : Holden MY12 SS Exhaust

10-08-12, 05:30 PM
The latest gen MY12 Holden SS ute has had a few things changed underneath. Here at Xforce, we like to stay on top of the game and strive to provide the best quality, bolt-on fitment exhaust products available off the shelf.


The latest My12 SS UTE /Sedan (Auto Only) features a new routing path for the transmission oil lines. This interferes with any previous header designs that were available, now naturally we're in the process of altering our headers to suit. We're 95% of the way there, so these will be available to the public very soon.


The hangers of the rear muffler positioning have also been edited, so we can now fit Varex and XFORCE mufflers on both pre and post 2012 SS utes.

These little changes crop up all the time with new car design, and series changes (even if it is the same chassis!). With an Xforce product, you rest assured knowing that the product has had enough research and development put into it to guarantee good fitment. How any good product should be!

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