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31-08-12, 06:46 AM
Christian Hansen from Yokohama / Advan Australia recently installed a Xforce Varex system to his WRX sedan. He put together a little piece on the system as he was incredibly chuffed with it!

ďIím used to the flat four roar. In fact I love it. I have a road-registered track car which is a 1956 VW which does 7,000 rpm and breathes through twin monster 48 IDA weber carbies.Ē - Christian


The car has never had a stereo and the induction noise is so loud that I have to wear ear plugs. Being a petrol head I canít go a month without starting up the beetle and enjoying the noise it makes.

http://youtu.be/yZlObCbizu4 (http://youtu.be/yZlObCbizu4)

I bought an í09 Subaru WRX as a comfortable ďExecutive ExpressĒ which I could use to drive to work, cart my family around and do the odd track day. It is a car that has to have a split personality. I fitted ADVAN Neovas for safe daily driving and to help the car do lap after lap of circuit punishment without over-heating and falling apart. The X-Force exhaust allows quiet driving around town and then you can flick it ďFull NoiseĒ for the race track.

I live in a unit block next to a golf course on a dead-end street. Itís very quiet. You can hear a duck fart. The WRX is parked underneath the balconies of 12 units and next to a retirement village. I start the car at 6:15 every weekday. If the car had a loud exhaust Iíd probably get a pot plant thrown through the sunroof and a zimmer frame in the quarter panel. Thankfully I can keep the exhaust quiet when I come home at night and leave in the morning.

As soon as I get to the end of the street I turn up the noise to 50%. I enjoy driving the car more and the fuel mileage has gone down from 9.8 to 9.2 litres per 100 kmph since fitting the exhaust. I donít know if thatís because the engine is more efficient or if the noise makes me more in tune with then engine and I use less throttle. Either way Iím pleased with the result and Iím looking forward to taking it to the race track.

The car in standard trim.


As you can see the standard exhaust does not fill the cut-outs and looks quite lame.


The X-force exhaust looks much nicer without looking like a ridiculous boy-racer canon.


With the exhaust butterflies closed the exhaust makes about the same noise as the standard system.


With the butterfly at 70% you can hear a pleasant, unobtrusive throb at idle and the exhaust not change through the rev range. With the butterfly open 100% the noise is a little louder than at 70% but still not rude.


We will be bringing you install pictures, and a few sound bites soon!

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