View Full Version : [BRIS] Downshift Xmas 2012 meet

11-12-12, 02:25 PM
So the last meet of the year is upon us, and it's the day before xmas eve.

The CONDITIONS OF ATTENDANCE are the same as always:

YOU are responsible for the guys you bring to the meet, and hang with. If they act like idiots, we will find out who it was. Brisbane is a very small place.
THROW RUBBISH IN THE BIN. There's bins - use them. If they're full, just chuck it in your car and throw it out next time you fill up.
Don't do skids, laps, rev engine, be antisocial in any way. We're sick of this bullshit, so evidence including number plates will be recorded and forwarded to the cops of people who do skids.

Date: Sunday 23 December November 2012, 4-7pm

Location: Rocklea Showgrounds, Goburra St Rocklea

The meets are open to any cars, whether they be JDM, Euro, Hot Rod or Aussie. The idea is to have like-minded, respectful, appreciative people there, who can also follow some very basic rules. IF you can do those things, we'll see you at the meet, and you'll be welcomed with open arms. <3