View Full Version : XFORCE RX8 FE Series II Cat Back Exhaust

08-02-13, 01:02 AM
Allow me to introduce XForce’s latest Cat Back exhaust system, available to fit 2008 and later Series II RX8’s. This system is similar in design to the Series I, with the only difference being the angle of the mandrel bends because of the cosmetic changes made to the Series II.


The boy’s at Kirrawee Mufflers installed the XForce 3” Stainless Steel Cat Back exhaust system to an RX8 Series II GT. The exhaust was comprised of two pieces which made for quick installation.


I drove the RX8 to Kirrawee Mufflers to have the cat back exhaust fitted. The drive was long enough for me to get used to the way the engine sounded and behaved prior to installation of the XForce exhaust.


Rotary engines love to breathe in and exhale heavily, so the more open and free-flowing the exhaust is, the better the intake of air and fuel. This gives you noticeable power gains and better engine performance without having to tune the engine.


The canister you can see coming out of the right of the pipe is a resonator. It can effectively reduce droning and maintain the free flowing of exhaust gases, which is critical to performance gain.

If you find that you have a really unique ride and an off-the-shelf option isn’t available, XForce can supply all the components required to fabricate a custom exhaust to suit any vehicle. The stainless steel looks beautifully elegant and simple from flange to tip.


The end result is a smooth, deep sound that isn’t obnoxiously loud or too quiet, and there is no droning noise while cruising on the highway. The engine runs smoother through the rev range too and there is a noticeable power gain. All in all it is a superb system in quality, sound, performance and looks.

We’d like to thank Peter and the boys at Kirrawee Mufflers for installing the exhaust and providing excellent service as always and XFORCE for supplying the top quality product.

For more information visit http://xforce.com.au/