View Full Version : [QLD] Circuit & Coffee 2 March 2013

09-02-13, 07:36 PM
Hey guys,

We're going to run another Circuit & Coffee event out at QR since the last couple went well. Same style as the last one. Almost all the details are exactly the same, so if you missed the last one or enjoyed it, get on it and buy some tickets! Some changes are in RED below.

We've hired Queensland Raceway for an hour between 7:00 - 8:00am on 2 March 2013. We have to be off track at 8am on the dot, because there is another group after us again. That still gives us an uninterrupted 60 minutes in which you can go nuts and race your friends, cruise, skid down the straight, pretty much whatever you like, within reason.

If you want in, click here and book: http://downshiftaus.bigcartel.com. Would prefer you do it here rather than cash on the day, it takes just a bit too long to get through everyone, and I don't want people to miss out.

Some rules:
* Spectators are welcome to spectate for free
* ONLY street-registered vehicles permitted
* No protective gear is required such as long sleeves or helmet
* Let faster people go, don't hold anyone up
* Use your common sense
* Track layout will be the National Circuit, which is 3130m long. HEAPS of space.
* If anyone goes into the gravel on the back straight however, layout will be changed to Sprint Circuit (1930m). So DON'T COME OFF ON THE BACK STRAIGHT!!!
* Drivers and passengers are required to be THERE by 6:45am. This is because drivers' briefing is at 6:50am, to be on track by 7am.
* It's crucial to be on time guys, we absolutely have to be off the track by 8am SHARP, due to another group having a track day just after us.

National Circuit