View Full Version : [QLD] Drive in movies: 22 Feb 2013 "We Write the Streets II"

09-02-13, 07:37 PM
Hey guys, since there was quite a bit of interest, we've put together a drive-in movies / BBQ charity fundraising night.

The CONDITIONS OF ATTENDANCE are the same as always:

YOU are responsible for the guys you bring to the meet, and hang with. If they act like idiots, we will find out who it was. Brisbane is a very small place.
THROW RUBBISH IN THE BIN. There will be bins - use them. If they're full, just chuck it in your car and throw it out next time you fill up.
Don't do skids, laps, rev engine, be antisocial in any way. We're sick of this bullshit, so evidence including number plates will be recorded and forwarded to the cops of people who do skids.

Date: Friday 22 February 2013. Gates open 6pm, screening commences 7:30pm SHARP. That means you need to be parked, comfy and have the headlights off by 7:20 at the latest!!

Location: Tivoli Drive-in Movies. 50 Coal Rd Chuwar (near Ipswich). Access is pretty good, only 2 of the very gentle-type speedbumps, and a decent driveway. Ipswich motorway has been redone and it's 4 lanes wide and smooth as, so it'll be a really nice drive. The Warrego Highway is a bit shit, but there's only a few kms of that. MAP HERE (https://maps.google.com.au/maps?q=50+coal+rd+chuwar&hl=en&sll=-27.40739,153.002859&sspn=2.401597,4.22699&t=w&hnear=50+Coal+Rd,+Chuwar+Queensland+4306&z=17).

Cost: $15 for an single person pass, $25 for a double. The more the merrier (and cheaper)!

Part proceeds of the evening will go to 2 different charities: one is a community care organisation helping Ipswich people in times of crisis or need. The other provides micro loans for people in third world countries, helping them help themselves without making people dependent on foreign aid.

We'll be screening "We Write the Streets" by Format67. Here's the preview:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/zUmn2hXIgss?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

This is open to anyone, so feel free to bring your kids, parents, friends, whoever.