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18-03-13, 03:54 PM
Carbon is now selling the VI Monitor for $239 inc GST plus shipping ($9 express post Australia Wide)

Can be purchased directly off our website here: http://www.carboncar...compatible.html

Not only is it a multi-function engine monitoring device complete with a 3.5" touch screen display and G-sensor, the VI Monitor has an advanced diagnostics tool with the ability to view and reset engine fault codes and comes with sophisticated comparision software in the box.


The VI Monitor is packed with Innovative Features.

Each and every one will offer something different, from being able to monitor different parameters*, running performance tests for both braking and acceleration and being able to store up to 500 hours of data which can be downloaded and stored on a computer for future reference. It installs in SECONDS, can be moved from car to car, is fun and informative to use and is accurate to within hundreds of a second - PROVEN in live tests at Santa Pod Raceway

Monitor parameters such as RPM, Speed, Throttle Position, Intake Manifold Pressure, Water Temperature,
Air Fuel Ratios (lambda), Air Flow Rate, Ignition Advance Fuel Pressure, and many more.

Performance Tests for Both Acceleration and Braking

Perform braking and acceleration tests such as 0-60, 1/4 mile and 0-60-0 to measure your car's true performance. Most tests can be G-triggered for unparrelled acuracy. Each test is recorded for future comparision.

Avoid putting points on your license with adjustable speed warnings. Use the RPM warnings in conjunction with the adjustable Shift Light feature to get the most from your engines performance.

Self-Damping 3 Axis G-Sensor

Highly accurate G-Sensor with built-in damping monitors acceleration, brakiung and cornering G-Forces. Also records maximum G-readings.

Record over 500 hours of engine and performance data on any parameters for review. Then upload the data to your computer for comparison. Ideal for measuring the effectiveness of modifications and recording drivers performance.

Got a Engine Warning Light, but dont know why? - VI gives you the fault code number and a description of the problem, giving you more information to take to your garage or tuner.

Simple stop/start timing feature allows you to record your times for later comparison on a computer.

VI allows you to reset fault codes yourself, It also maintains a complete MIL stats history, including time and distance since the engine warning light was activated or rest.

Using a Built-in Virtual Dynamomter, VI can test your vehicles true net horsepower in real world conditions.

**Parameters available dependant on vehicle. Please check with your manufacturer what parameters can be measured through OBDII port.
PLEASE NOTE - Not all vehicles are OBDII complaint. Most Petrol vehicles from 2001 and Diesels from 2004. Please check with vehicle manufacturer to confirm OBDII compliance