View Full Version : Chiang's Slammed Civic EK Sedan

30-06-13, 09:46 PM
Hondas have always been a popular breed of cars within the car scene. This same philosophy applies to Thailand, where the majority of their cars are Hondas. Whether itís a taxi or a commuter car, Thailand loves their Hondas. However, when you add the influential style of USDM / Hellaflush into the mix you get something like what you see before you. Furthermore, with the USDM style sweeping the nation like wild fire, Chiang the owner has applied the basic concepts of stance to his very clean EK Sedan. With his love for low cars there was nothing stopping him from achieving his dream.

Click here (http://www.street-cover.com/2013/chiangs-civic-ek-sedan.html) to read more.