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03-08-13, 01:08 PM
Okay, so I know what you’re all thinking.. You’ve quickly flicked through some of the images and are now thinking ‘What The F*ck.’ Here are some images our friend Yosuke has given us from the X-5 meet in Japan. Some of the cars are questionable yes, tacky, you betcha. But its the unity between different types of car scenes that really sets the Japanese Culture apart from the rest of the world. Nowhere else in the world would you see Honda’s, DUB’ed out SUV’s, Euro’s, Sex Spec, and Drift Cars all melting together harmoniously in an Automotive stew. We’ve come too accustomed to segregating ourselves in our respective “genres” or “scenes” in our society these days. It seems that you’re either a Nissan Guy or Honda Guy…Subaru or Mitsubishi with no room in between. We lose sight of the bigger picture in that we all share the love of 4 wheels. This is why the Japanese scene continues to lead the world in trends, cultures and lifestyles. It is because they aren’t afraid of stepping outside their boundaries.. 20″ wheels on an Accord… Why not? It may or may not work but experimentation is the key. You never know what combination or mix of styles could be the next internet sensation.. only time will tell when one of these kooky guys does what he loves without listening to the e-warriors and is sudden shot into infamy becoming the next Poster Child for a generation of tuners.

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