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03-02-14, 04:54 PM
Project Mu Specials! We are a PMU distributor and can supply anything you need for killer prices! Here's some stock on special at the moment:

Brake fluid (equals Dot 5.1) $80/5L
D1 spec pads Rear R236 ( ECR33; BNR32 GTR Non brembo; Z32; HCR32 GTST TypeM) $150
Bestop pads F533 Front (EVO Non brembo) $135
Sports inner shoes (IS200A) $230
Rotor SPPM104-S6 Front (EVO4-9 non brembo 274x24mm) $440/pair
Project mu float top nuts m12x1.5 $250 (set of 20)
Project mu lock 7 m12x1.5 $160 (set of 20)
Project mu lock 7 m12x1.25 $160 (set of 20)

30-05-14, 12:16 PM
Stock updated.