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21-04-17, 11:14 AM

The Subaru WRX; itís a performance car icon. Itís the poster boy for go fast looks and go faster modifications. Itís the weapon of choice for those who want to drive to work on the weekdays and rally on the weekends. And itís not hard to see why. When the first WRX went on sale in 1992, the winning recipe has been largely unchanged. Take a four door Impreza sedan, add bulging fenders front and rear, along with a bonnet scoop big enough to swallow cats and small dogs. Stir in a turbocharged 2 litre boxer engine, and finally garnish with an impressively clever all-wheel drive system.

The new 2014 Subaru WRX features a brand new FA20 two litre, turbocharged engine, replacing the venerable EJ25 engines that have been in the car since 2006. With fancy direct injection technology, a twin scroll turbocharger, and all new engine architecture, the WRX no longer had old school turbo lag as a feature. It hits peak torque at 2000RPM and hits 268hp at 5,600RPM. Coupled with increased chassis and suspension stiffness over the outgoing model, the new WRX is incredibly capable in corners or straights.


But enough waffle. That turbocharged goodness lurking under the be-scooped bonnet can be urged to unleash more power, courtesy of a more free flowing exhaust. XForce Performance has designed a 3in bolt-on exhaust from the turbo back, removing any factory restrictions, and making that twin scroll turbocharger spool even quicker. Varex dual tip mufflers control the noise to suit your driving mood; go all out with a click of a button, then waft home quietly after your midnight drive.

For more control over the WRX intoxicating boxer beat, youíll need the Smart Box to go with the Varex mufflers.

XForceís Varex mufflers have long been famous for its innovative and similar ability to raise or drop the exhaust note at a press of a button. Now, the Varex mufflers can be further enhanced with the Smart Box; a revolutionary step in exhaust technology.


The Varex Smart Box can adjust the Varex mufflers infinitely, via 3 modes; Manual, Matrix and Geo. The settings are adjusted via the Varex App downloadable on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The Manual mode allows the user to select 5 pre-set valve positions. The user can also save his/her preferred exhaust settings too. The Matrix mode switches the valve between settings, based on engine RPM, throttle position and speed. All these can be pre-set by the driver; preferably with a passenger assisting in setting it. The Geo mode automatically switches the valve settings according to the carís location. For example, you can set your neighbourhood to be a region where the valves stay closed, and the Smart Box will only open the exhaust valves outside of this fixed region. The valves can also open or close at various positions as determined by you, automatically adjusting according to the userís pre-set regions.

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