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05-05-17, 11:58 AM

The Golf GTi singlehandedly destroyed the European sportscar when it first debuted in 1975. Back then, the European sportscar was a toy for those with the appropriate disposable income. The sportscar was defined as a rear-wheel drive coupe with a gluttonous engine up front and just enough storage space for driving gloves, and the owner’s ego. All of a sudden, the sportscar was made redundant when Volkswagen unleashed the Golf GTi. It had enough poke for fun on the twisties, yet it was happy to sip fuel in traffic. The short wheelbase and fettled chassis meant the GTi was fantastic to drive, yet the hatchback shape meant you could go to hills and stop at the shops, all in one trip.

The Golf GTi repeated its success with the Mk2., before it started losing ground to the competitors. When the Mk3. and Mk4. came about, the competitors were flourishing, with Japanese automakers dominating the market with hotted up Civics, Integras, Pulsars, Celicas, and Corollas. Volkswagen would soon reclaim its hot hatch throne, when the Mk5. debuted in 2003. Featuring a 147kW turbocharged 2L engine, a brand new chassis, increased refinement, and the debut of its DSG drivetrain, the Golf GTi blazed the sales chart. The original Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality of the Golf GTi was back with a vengeance. It would happily burble along in weekday traffic, before slicing and dicing twisty roads on the weekend, while seating five p eople and their shopping comfortably.

The Mk6. continued the winning formula, but the Mk7. perfected it. Based on a new, lightweight modular platform, the Mk.7 is powered by a 160kW turbocharged, direct-injection engine, with available performance packs to push it to 170kW. The Performance Pack also offers upgraded brakes and a limited-slip differential, further improving its corner-slaying abilities.

All these continuous improvement meant increased refinement, and that’s a shame because the Golf GTi has lost some of its aural stimulation. Piped in, fake exhaust and induction noise is not in the spirit of the GTi.


XForce has developed a special exhaust system for the Golf GTi; it’s designed to bring back aural excitement, without compromising everyday driveability. The XForce 3in turbo-back exhaust system is made with stainless steel for better quality and looks. The less restrictive exhaust system also allows the turbocharger to spool up quicker, so expect a slight boost in acceleration and throttle responsiveness. More importantly, the Golf GTi will get a lot more vocal when you give it the beans.


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