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25-10-17, 11:38 AM

When we talk V8s in Australia, the Blue Oval and the Red Lion are the first to come to mind. However, there is a third player, arguably representing true American muscle down under. Chrysler has been offering V8 cars since the late 1960s with the Valiant, then the localized Charger, which was also built locally in South Australia.

After Mitsubishi took over Chrysler Australia’s factories in the late 80s, V8 Hemi power were not seen in car showrooms again…until the 300C appeared. The 300C SRT-8 was the answer to HSVs and FPVs, and the Hemi 6.1L V8 kept up with the Aussies easily, thanks to a 4.9sec sprint to 100kph. With its low roofline and butch, square looks, the 300C was dressed to kill.


2012 brought about modern updates, with the Hemi V8 growing larger to 6.4L and packing a hefty 350kW. This engine was also offered in the Jeep Cherokee SRT-8, transforming it into a manic SUV that won traffic light drags easily. While dynamically not in the same league as the fantastic Gen F chassis from Holden, the Mercedes E-class based 300C was a capable cruiser, providing a cruisy ride that can quickly turn savage with a flex of the right foot.


Thanks to the Hemi V8, the 300C SRT-8 now does mid 4 second sprints to 100kph, matching the big guns from HSV and FPV. It’s a special feeling as the SRT-8 relentless propels the two ton sedan towards the horizon. Just as you think it has run of steam, the V8 changes up and powers on.

The Hemi has always been an underrated performer compared to the LS and Coyote V8s from the usual suspects. But looking at the crazy SRT cars from the US, we know that there’s more to the Hemi than meets the eye. Motive DVD did a back to back comparison test, with the stock exhaust and our own Varex catback, and it made over 10kWs more! The exhaust also let the Hemi V8 get on the mic, liberating its own distinct bent eight roar. However, at a click of a button, the 300C returns to being a cruiser, muting the exhaust for a stealthy exit.


But if buttons are a little too last century for you, you’d be pleased to hear that your variable exhaust technology has now been updated to modern day standards. Introducing the Smart Box; it literally gives your XForce Varex exhaust an electronic brain.


The Varex Smart Box can adjust the Varex mufflers infinitely, via 3 modes; Manual, Matrix and Geo. The settings are adjusted via the Varex App downloadable on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The Manual mode allows the user to select 5 pre-set valve positions. The user can also save his/her preferred exhaust settings too. The Matrix mode switches the valve between settings, based on engine RPM, throttle position and speed. All these can be pre-set by the driver; preferably with a passenger assisting in setting it. The Geo mode automatically switches the valve settings according to the car’s location. For example, you can set your neighbourhood to be a region where the valves stay closed, and the Smart Box will only open the exhaust valves outside of this fixed region. The valves can also open or close at various positions as determined by you, automatically adjusting according to the user’s pre-set regions.

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