Stolen 2001 3 CT9A Evo 7

  1. JDM3VO
    Hi there,

    Was wondering if you would be able to help me out. My friend got his 2001 3 CT9A EVO 7 stolen around April this year from Cambridge Street, Penshurst SYDNEY. The police have been absolutely no help and I was wondering hoping you could spread the word to see if anyone may have seen or knows anything!
    Thank you so much!!!!!
    These are the details:
    Make: EVO 7
    Model: GH-CT9A SNGFZ
    Colour: White
    Rego when stolen: JDM3VO
    VIN: TBA
    Chassis No: CT9A -0004702
    Distinctive features: whole rear of the car is an EVO 9 body.
    Any info: [email protected]

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