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Thread: SXDevelopments 180SX [SXD180] - infinite patience required

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    SXDevelopments 180SX [SXD180] - infinite patience required

    Hey Guys/Girls,

    Some of you might know I've been planning an engine build for my car for awhile now. I've been the proud owner of my 95 blacktop 180SX for over 7 years. During this time the car itself, my technical knowledge and my driving skill have come a long way from where they first started. From total noob to having a reasonable idea of whats going on in most areas of the car.

    A lot of this knowledge I have due to good advice, experience and friendships formed initially though NSCC and some through NS. This is something that has added heavily to the enjoyment I've had from owning my car.

    Inspired and by both of the Sutton brothers cars and NFI ongoing builds I'm aiming to step the 180 up to the next level over the next period its off the road. Turning it into my vision of what an RPS13 should be. This is something that I've been planning for over 4 years now and in the build for almost 2 cant wait to get finished. I booked in 2 weeks annual leave at the beginning of august 2011 a) to be a world time attack scorch racing groupie B) to help NFI with his WTAC campaign and c) to get the car stripped back to a shell and the build kicked off to a flying start! =)

    The end goal is to have a sub 1100kg car making an easy 300rwkw(+) with reasonable response good suspension setup and basic aero package. Still maintaining street registration and have the car fully engineered but also be able to put down some serious times at the track.

    I'm planning on doing a brief recap of where the car has come from when I first got it as I've taken well over 4000 photos of all the different mods done from the first weekend I got the car until now. Then updating reasonably regularly.
    More updates coming!



    Some pictures of the build so far.

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    Here is the original ad posted on SAU. I actually saw the car on carsales and still have the pictures that were posted up there(below) The last picture was taken by me and is of how the engine bay was when I first bought it and picked up the car. Not the duck tape and zip ties where the BOV should be!

    hi guys and gals.

    time to sell my 180sx to free up sum funds for the gtr
    1995 rps13 180sx
    white in colour
    12 months reg
    130,000 ks

    mods are :


    full vertex kit
    fiberglass fenders 30mm oversize front
    duluck front bar
    clear side indacators and front which i will throw in with the car
    clear tail lights
    very dark tints

    momo steering wheel
    2 defi copy gauges (oil temp and oil press)
    blitz boost gauge
    autometer air fuel ratio gauge
    autometer shift light
    trust twin a pillar pod
    drift button
    razo pedals
    apexi pen turbo timer
    top of the range alarm system

    mako wheels 2 inch dish all round
    falken azenis rubber front
    nankang rear
    tanabe sustec pro coilovers
    front and rear cusco strut bars
    inside floor brace
    r33 4 piston calipers front
    5 stud wheel conversion
    rda slotted rotors front


    sr20 det black top
    front mount cooler
    stainless air filter
    all alloy cooler pipes and intake pipe
    boost tap 14 psi
    t25 turbo
    malpasi fuel reg
    bosh 600 hp fuel pump
    hks hiper exaust
    hi flow cat
    tomie dump pipe
    custom front pipe
    cusco catch can
    custom overflow bottle
    fresh gear box built by smithfield diff and gear
    nismo button clutch new
    c's short shifter

    allways serviced with motul 300v crono oil every 5000 ks

    im sure there is other things that i forgot to mention to but cant remember at the moment spent alot of time and money to get this looking how it does.
    this is a good clean 180 in a1 condition i have owned the car for 3 years

    price $ 16000 ono

    please no time wasters or test pilots
    the car must be seen to see it is one of the best condition 180's going around

    if interested email me at **

    or pm me here

    or call me on ***

    cheers ****

    For the most part what he said about the car was correct and although afew of the mods were incorrect and there were some slight issues mostly it was pretty good.
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    So the first major thing I did to the car was fix the catch can setup it was plumbed up completely wrong and was pressurising the sump. This meant randomly the crankcase pressure would build up and push a ****load of oil through the turbo seal into the exhaust. Subsequently the car behind would become invisible but not for the right reasons. =)

    This first happened the day after I'd bought the car and I was totally freaking out the motor was screwed and I'd sucked a big fat... lemon. But was pleasantly surprised when I found out it was the above issue. You can see the initial way it was done with garden hose like stuff in one of my first posts and how it was fixed it up below.

    As you can see no more garden hose! =)
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    The next thing I did afew weeks later was installed a plumb back BOV.
    The previous owner had "borrowed a mates" and had to give it back so the car came without one. You can see in the second post I put up the outlet on the hot pipe for it which is duct taped up.

    The car got terrible compressor surge. You could feel it let alone hear it. The car was only running 14psi and under hard acceleration you could feel it between gear changes. Boost would drop right down and when you planted your foot in the next gear would take a second or two before it was on full song again.

    The GFB plumb back fixed this up and the car performed much better and also sounded a lot better in my opinion. =)

    Here you can see the new hot pipe I had made to suit the BOV.
    Plumbs back nicely into the intake just infront of the compressor housing and has worked a treat to this day. Unfortunately the bonnet skin rubbed some of my black spray job off it =(

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    The chromies saw the chop

    Making way for some Buddy Club P1s

    The car also saw its first event while waiting for the rims to arrive from Japan. Which was an SAU skidpan day and alot of fun with the whole pan being used for courses. I think this is still the best skidpan day I've been to till this day

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    Over the next 12 months I did lots of small jobs on the car, installed some cheapy guages to monitor my temps at the track. Installed new nismo "butt plug" gearknob fitted pinapples and got the wheel alignment under control and made an airbox.

    Towards the end of the year my stock T25G decided it had had enough abuse and threw in the towel. The next thing on the cards had been suspension as I hated the tanabe sustec pro coilovers I bought the car with. They were way to stiff and would make the car skip and your ass tense at the sight of a pothole. This had to be pushed back to get the car running with a brand new 2860RS .63 the turbo was thrown in and tuned with the FPR st unigroup as I still only had the stock computer at this stage. Then lots more driving. I took my car to wakefeild for the first time after this clocking a 1:14.7 with no front camber and sportmaxx tyres. I was pretty happy with this for my first time at the track. =)

    The new turbo was a fair bit bigger than stock but not stupidly.

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    The next items to go into the car were some 740cc Tomei injectors and a PFC. This netted me the same 195rwkw as just putting the turbo on but were were able to get a nice fat mid range out of it as well. So overall the car felt far faster.

    I also shelled out for the biggest kincrome tool kit I could find in handheld form so it can be lugged to the track if need be to pull things apart as required. =)

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    So I'd been doing all the reading I could on suspension and what seemed to be working best at the time. I ended up choosing a complete kit that a suspension engineer from sydney was selling. Custom valved bilstein coilovers with selby swaybars front and rear. Also came with noltec adjustable strut tops for the front so I could dial in some camber. These were exactly what I was after and really made a world of difference to the car. No longer did it hop skip and jump over rough surfaces it just soaked everything up. While the bars kept the car feeling stable in the corners.

    The car had been off the road for a while with a busted lca so I'd also managed to save up for a Nismo GT Pro TT 1.5 way mechanical diff. This is one of the best mods you can do. It totally transformed the car adding way more grip. We dropped the whole subframe out to make it easier fitting the suspension kit and the diff in/out.

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    Heres a shot of the car parked at Mikes Manor the morning of my first NSCC day.

    This was before the new suspension and still with the stock turbo.
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    This is a mega dogey pic I took on my camera phone at the time not sure why but I always liked it

    Did some dodgy zip tie stiching for a small section of the front bar which copped a hiding.

    New tune agent rear toe arms and camber arms went in to help with the rear alignment. Also picked up an ultra racing 4 point rear strut brace I could notice far less creaking from the chassis in and out of driveways after installing this so it must have been doing something!

    For the next trackday I managed to pickup these stock R34GTT rims with some old kumho v70 rcomps on them. This was my first time driving on R-comps and I was totally hooked!

    The car had to head in for an alignment after fitting all the arms.

    I picked up this basic sparco seat for a decent price and ordered some bride rails from an NS trader. These arrived in afew days and I took them down to get modded so they'd fit the seat.

    A ross tuffbond oversized water pump pulley was fitted to help reduce pump cavitation at high RPM and therefore also temp. My water temps have always remained stable after this was installed. I think they're only like 7% bigger. Looking for a slightly larger one now actually if anyone knows of any? The only ones I've seen are the NAPREC ones and they look stupidly expensive?

    Finally got some EBC love happening my trusty profec b has never failed me to this day! =)
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