Here at Estblshd, we aim to showcase to the world what the Melbourne automotive scene has to offer. Here in Melbourne, we have world renowned boutiques, restaurants, studios and works of art tucked away in our hidden lane ways. The automotive scene here is no different with amazing cars (which, most can agree, are each considered a “piece of art” in itself) and the owners behind these cars, tucked away in our CBD and outer suburbia.

We aim to uncover these gems and work together with the owners to showcase not only the bits of metal that make their “work of art” complete, but also showcase to our fans the blood, sweat and tears that went behind their builds. Essentially, we are not just your average automotive blog. We are an Automotive Lifestyle Blog which also showcases the lifestyles behind our owners and our scene.

With 2013 creeping up rapidly, we have big plans for Melbourne and we are aware it is not just a single car enthusiast or even a group of enthusiasts that defines what the Melbourne automotive scene is like, but we realize that our local automotive businesses that support our scene play an integral part in defining what our scene is like today.

With Australia being one of the most multicultural countries in the world, we feel as if it wouldn’t be appropriate to be restricted by a certain genre of enthusiasts as we feel that if we were to restrict ourselves to one certain genre, it wouldn’t appropriately depict to the world how amazing and diverse the Melbourne automotive scene is.

Here at Estblshd we appreciate all the work which has gone into your rides no matter what scene you fall into. So if you know of somebody, or you're that somebody yourself who has an amazing ride and an amazing story behind it and would love to showcase this to the rest of the world, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

“These are our cars, this is our lifestyle and this is Estblshd

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