Justin Fox: Today I got some XForce headers and an XForce high flow cat installed at Kirrawee Mufflers on my NA8C Mazda MX5. Driving the car back to work after installation was hilarious, mainly because my engine bay was pouring out smoke from the heat wrap bedding in (definitely turned a few heads!!!).

Old headers came out and oh myÖ just look at them! Theyíre so ugly, and obviously a lot more restrictive than the XForce headers.

Pete decided to re-use the steel gasket (after cleaning it up) rather than a fibre gasket. The way he sees it, nothing can go wrong with the steel gasket (whereas a fibre gasket could deteriorate/fall apart).

Headers sitting pretty in the engine bay.

The XForce cat was very short and the guys had to weld on angled tubes to get it to match up with the headerís flange and the exhaust flange too. Such finicky work, so awesome to watch them get there.

Cat all done. Power wise I definitely feel a noticeable difference. Amazingly the car feels punchier down low at around 3000rpm and when I hit 7,000rpm in first and shift into 2nd it gives off an awesome pop out the back (love it!).

Sound wise I can hear a difference, itís not noisier, itís just a little different. I canít quite hear the Ďrustlingí header noise Iím used to on past cars Iíve updated the headers on, but then again I was driving top down (and when Iím top down I canít hear my intake either).