BMW X5 Booked in for;

■ Paint Protection
■ Full Interior Protection;- seats, floor mats, carpets, boot area & trims
■ Wheel Protection
■ Glass Protection (read below)

This BMW X5 M Sport Pack came into us recently for the full Nanolex true Nanotechnology Protection inside, out and on glass!

Simple "Stage 1" correction as some areas had obvious marring including as pictured below the right rear corner of the tail gate and some altercation with either a ceiling or an angry tree.

The Process;

The usual full paint inspection including checking the paint depth and condition of the paint is carried out. Why do we do this? As you would be surprised how many brand new cars have been
"Repaired" without the owner knowing or sometimes even in fact the salesman/woman who sold them the vehicle.


- Snow Foam Wash with Mint APC to remove any previous products added by the BMW Dealership (this helps correction, and also provides a better bond for the surface and the paint protection later on).

- Dodo Juice Ferro Lubricant, hitting two birds with one stone using this lubricant not only removes any iron fall out but also general contaminants from the surface with the dodo juice clay bar.

Correction / Buffing Process;

Due to BMW Paintwork having 'Ceramic Clear Paintwork' (most European vehicles have this, hence the sharpness and finish in comparison to Asian / Australian Vehicles) we used the RUPES LHR12E Duetto with PF2500 and the Green RUPES Pad to remove any imperfections. For the rear tail gate, FG500 and PF2500 and SF4000 was used to remove the markings as pictured below. Products used to "Protect" the vehicle were;

Nanolex Ultra Paint Protection - 2-3 Years paint protection, and DIY kits are also available for those who are confident to apply their own protection here. This is a 'true' organic Nanotechnology based product from Germany, none of this markets 'nano' rubbish around these days!

Nanolex Glass Ultra Sealant - this will give the Glass what most of us know as rain repellency, but also offer dirt and oil repellency which of course helps visibility in all weather conditions but especially in winter months during those rainy days! This will last up to 2 years in comparison to most who last 1-2 months max! And of course, with less dirt being stuck to your windscreen this will help in avoiding any chances of marring the glass from your wipers!

Nanolex Professional Leather & Textile Sealant - adding protection against dye transfer, dirt, and other liquid substances including UV protection for all leather and fabric upholstery in the X5. (seats, carpets, and so on!)

Nanolex Ultra Paint Rim Sealant - applied to wheels to help reduce the amount of brake dust accumulating and offer quicker and easier cleaning.

Other products used;

1Z Einszett Cockpit Premium - interior dressing/clean that leaves a completely factory satin finish, especially designed for the euro's. (non greasy finish!)
Gyeon Tire Dressing - glossy or satin tyre dressing, can be toned up or toned down based on your own preference
1Z Einszett Vinyl & Rubber Care - under arches, engine bay and any other ext plastics dressed
Stoner Invisible Glass - tint safe glass cleaner for interior + exterior glass
1Z Einszett Gummi Pfledge - rubber care stick for the door rubbers, as its common for VW, Audi & BMW rubbers to sometimes become a bit squeaky due to the soft rubber.

Moving on, below you will see we use IR Curing Lamps to ensure that any product we apply is 100% fully cured before the customer collects their vehicle! This offers in a short period a complete cure for whichever product we use such as Gyeon, Nanolex or other Quartz, Ceramic or Glass Coatings to ensure that there is no chance that rain or other contaminants could adhere or affect the overall finish of the coating - failing to do allow products to cure correctly does mean that your car could not be properly protected to start with!

We do offer a number of services in-house @ Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and also can recommend reputable detailers in other major cities.

■ Paint Protection / Glass, Ceramic, Quartz & Nano Coatings
■ Interior Protection / Upholstery / Leather Protection
■ Glass Protection / water, dirt & oil long term repellency
■ Detailing including Paint Correction
■ Concours / Show Detailing

Of course we can discuss any detailing need you have from simply spruce up to a full paint correction if required.

But.. for now lets get onto the pictures!

Scuff Marks and surface damage can be noticed - no dents thankfully!

BMMMMMW Brake Dust, nice and thick as we like it!

Gyeon Iron Remover - brake dust/carbon fall out remover

Gyeon Iron Remover turns purple letting you know it is cleaning and attaching that brake dust!

A little reaction on the boot area!

Dodo Ferro Lube sprayed liberally, however very minimal reaction can be noticed

2 Bucket Method is always very important regardless of correction or not!

As we were limited on time with this car and did not want to rush, we only have the completed

As we know, white isn't the most exciting colour but thankfully Nanolex does leave the paint looking a little bit sharper which is noticed but as you know, white doesn't show that much!

Any questions or comments are always welcome!

Cheers for looking