photo by : selectnine.

Arguably the best wheel alignment workshop in Sydney- Heasman Steering and Suspension has now teamed up with Hardrace Australia for its Adjustable Alignment arms

Heasmans has been in business for over 60 years specialising in Suspension and Handling, over the years they have attracted and aligned themselves with only the best in the business, for adjustable arms in the Heasman/Bilstein S14, Hardrace’s Fully Adjustable Suspension Arms has been chosen in Spherical Bearing for its accuracy, reliability, ease of installation and no fuss bolt on affair.

Known famously for its drifting ability, the Silvia's versatile chassis has also seen it compete in Drag, Rally, Time attack and Japan's Super GT300 class. It's balanced chassis, infamous SR20DET power-plant and simple to work on, yet effective suspension design makes it a great choice among professional teams, amateur racers and car enthusiast alike.

Hardrace has a full catalog for the Nissan S13, 180SX, S14, S15, 200SX, R32, R33, R34 Skyline

Adjustable Arms
  • Front Adjustable Lower Control Arms,
  • Front Offset Tension Castor Rods, Spherical Bearing
  • Front Tension Castor Rod,Harden Rubber
  • Front Tension Castor Rod,Spherical Bearing
  • Rear Adjustable Lower Control Arm,Spherical Bearing
  • Rear Camber Kit,Harden Rubber
  • Rear Camber Kit,Spherical Bearing
  • Rear Toe Control Arm,Harden Rubber
  • Rear Toe Control Arm,Spherical Bearing
  • Rear Traction Rods,Harden Rubber
  • Rear Traction Rods,Spherical Bearing

  • Inner Tie Rod- Heavy Duty
  • Steering Rack TPV Bushing
  • Tie Rod Ends- Super Adjustable, Spherical Bearing
  • Tie Rod Ends- Super Forged Angled

Suspension Bushing
  • Front Tension Castor Rod Bush
  • Rear Knuckle Hub Bushing, Harden Rubber
  • Rear Lower Control Arm Bushing, Harden Rubber
  • Rear Subframe Bush, Harden Rubber

SwayBars & Endlinks
  • Front Adjustable Sway Bar- 28mm, incl bushings & endlinks
  • Front Sway Bar Endlinks
  • Rear Adjustable Sway Bar-22mm
  • Rear Sway Bar End Links

Engine Mounts
  • Engine & Gearbox mount kit-Race
  • Engine & Gearbox mount kit-Street

RCA and Ball joints
  • Front Roll Center Adjuster
  • Rear Roll Center Adjuster

Chassis Bracing
  • Front Tension Rod Support Bar
  • Rear Alloy Subframe Solid Bush Collars
  • Rear Subframe Support bar,Spherical Bearing

For more info contact :

Hardrace Australia : 02-9757 2364 , website:
Heasman Steering and Suspension: 02-9519 2970 , website: