The exciting new UHS Range has arrived and is now in stock; this includes LHR75E, LHR12E and LHR15ES UHS Pads including the new RUPES UHS Polishing Compound! (LHR21 UHS Pads approx 14 days away)

However, some even more exciting news is that we now have the RUPES Bigfoot LHR75E, LHR12E, LHR15ES and LHR21ES all available to be purchased individually without accessories! (simply polisher and backing plate only!) The RUPES Polishers, Bigfoot and Deluxe Kits also have some new attractive pricing which may also help the weekend detailer to have the latest gadgets without blowing a hole through their pocket...much.

Further we also have the RUPES Swirl Finder Pens and RUPES Aprons available to be purchased in store and online also.

UHS LHR12 / LHR15 Polishing Pad

UHS LHR75 Polishing Pad

UHS Polish 250ml (1L sizes arriving soon)

RUPES LED Swirl Finder Pen

For the complete range of theRUPES Polishers, Pads and Polishes please click here.