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Thread: [DETAIL] Holden HSV Clubsport Detail & Paint Correction

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    [DETAIL] Holden HSV Clubsport Detail & Paint Correction

    Locked away for a few years, an engine build, some other upgrades…..and finally back together.

    This Blue HSV really was in need of some love! Paint had evident heavy marring, scratches, hologramming and contaminants which was similar to the moon’s surface. We definitely had our work cut out, and were excited to see the results especially as this metallic had no pop or clarity at all when we received it.

    The Holden HSV had been booked in for;
    ■ Full Paint Correction (3 stage)
    ■ Interior Clean + Leather Cleanse and Treatment/Protection
    ■ Engine Bay Detail/Protection
    ■ Paint Protection (synthetic sealant)

    On the Paint Correction side of things we did a 3-Stage Correction (4 if you want) with Menzerna FG500 for the initial cut, PF2500 and SF4000 to finish off with. We as usual used the combination of RUPES LHR15 Bigfoot, DAS6-Pro (inc with 3” Backing plate), LHR75, Festool RAP80 and even the Festool RAP150 with a Menzerna Wool Pad.

    The rear wing was removed to ensure the whole boot is done to standard, including the underside of the rear wing (and top). Other intricate areas such as the side skirts, front apron and also the headlights and taillights were corrected as they were a little hazey and also had some marring.

    Interior was trim cleaned with 1Z Plastic Deep Cleaner and The interior was cleaned with 1Z Cockpit Premium Cleaner/Protectant and the Leather with
    Duragloss Leather Shampoo & Duragloss Leather Conditioner to return the seats back to factory condition. To no surprise the seats were very dirty, but cleaned up very well.

    We also cleaned the engine bay using Mint APC and Vikan Engine & Surround Brushes to remove any polishing dust/residue and of course any grease and dirt. Finished off with 303 Aerospace Protectant which is safe to use on all plastics, rubbers (yes, including hoses) and engine cover. This won’t damage or effect any of the connectors or hoses etc.
    Tyres dressed with Autobrite Berry Tyre Gel with a foam applicator to avoid any sling.

    Any questions or comments are always welcome.

    Now beginning with the images of how the car arrived to us, you will notice a difference in colour between a couple of the images – this is due to the fact we use and have several different lighting in our Detailing Bay. This includes Halogen, Halide, Fluorescent and LED which help us identify as many imperfections and I guess you could say “faults” in paintwork to ensure we can remove as much as possible. Of course, we do always take it out in the Sun as you will be surprised that natural light also does show what electrical light doesn’t, including holograms!

    You could say the leather was quite dirty!

    And the sunroof wasn't to clean either.

    Moving on to the correction side of things, 50/50 shots!

    And finishing results;

    Any comments or questions are always welcome! And a quick note, we do offer in house detailing, paint protection, interior detailing, concours and presale details in Sydney, Brisi and Melbourne - so if you're not the one to detail but want your car always looking good feel free to contact us to discuss further!

    Cheers and thanks for looking!
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